What Are Cool Congratulations To A Friend

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What Are Cool Congratulations To A Friend
What Are Cool Congratulations To A Friend

Video: What Are Cool Congratulations To A Friend

Video: What Are Cool Congratulations To A Friend
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Friends and girlfriends need to be congratulated, using all your sense of humor and remarkable imagination. Arrange such a cool holiday so that your whole company will remember it for a long time. In this case, you can definitely count on a similar surprise on your birthday.

What are cool congratulations to a friend
What are cool congratulations to a friend


Step 1

If your friend loves glamor and wants to be like a Barbie doll, throw a costume party where each guest will pretend to be a toy. Decorate the room with colorful balloons and sparkly garlands.

Step 2

The treat should also be bright, glossy and cool. You can pour colored gelatin broth over each salad, chop and sausage pieces. Use natural food colors. Place the containers in the refrigerator, remove the dishes from the dishes and place them on one large dish before serving. Such beauty will definitely delight the hero of the occasion.

Step 3

Learn with your friends children's poems, congratulations, the same that you read in kindergarten. The holiday will turn out to be similar to a matinee, where cool toys-characters are trying to earn the favor of adults.

Step 4

Decorate alcoholic drinks with special umbrellas and colorful heart-shaped ice cubes. Order a dollhouse cake. When your Barbie friend gets tired of being touched, give her "Ken" the stripper. In this role, it is better to play the boyfriend of the birthday girl; if not yet, train one of your friends or hire a professional.

Step 5

You can prepare in advance the printouts of the best photo of your girlfriend under the word "Wanted". At the bottom, write that the one who finds this most beautiful, kind, intelligent and cheerful girl should wish her a happy birthday. Post announcements in the places where your girlfriend will be on that day.

Step 6

Dress up someone you know as a gypsy, the image should be bright and festive. Hang all the beads and bracelets on the character, put on a colorful long skirt and pick up a black wig. "Gypsy" must lie in wait for the birthday girl and tell her a lot of good things in life, including a prince on a white horse.

Step 7

Two of your friends will act as a horse. The horse must "steer" around the corner and run up to his friend with a dejected neigh and complaints about the loss of the prince. The animal will promise to serve the girl with faith and truth and replace her in everything the fallen crowned person. A white horse costume can be rented or made from sheets and cardboard. Do not be afraid of the hassle, they will all pay off many times over with your shared joy and laughter.