How To Make A Spider Mask

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How To Make A Spider Mask
How To Make A Spider Mask

Video: How To Make A Spider Mask

Video: How To Make A Spider Mask
Video: Spider-Man: Miles Morales Mask With MOVING LENSES! DIY (No Electronics) 2023, December

Spider-Man is a favorite hero of many children. You can please your little one by making a spider mask for him. This requires only a minimum of materials and a little time.

How to make a spider mask
How to make a spider mask


Step 1

Prepare the necessary materials and tools. To make a spider mask, you will need supplex knitted fabric, fine mesh mesh, black and silver markers. Also prepare a sewing machine in advance for sewing seams. Supplex fabric will suit you very well. It combines unique properties - it freely stretches in various directions and is highly resistant to mechanical damage. With all the diligence, the baby will be able to break the supplex with great difficulty.

Step 2

Take a measurement from the boy's head or use a child's hat for this. Then, according to the size, make two helmet-shaped patterns from the supplex. Remember to leave seam allowances.

Step 3

Now take a mesh and cut out the eyes from it for the future mask. Sew the resulting parts to the front part of the "helmet" and circle with a black marker. Now all you need to do is cut the fabric under the mesh so your baby can see through it.

Step 4

Sew together both parts of the mask, first connecting them facing each other. Work the seams well and turn the product inside out.

Step 5

Use either a silver glitter or a glitter effect for the brand. Use it to draw cobweb-like lines on the surface of the mask.

Step 6

The result of your labors will be a real spider mask. The baby will be able to breathe freely through the mesh fabric that you used for the eyes.

Step 7

To make the spider mask beautiful and natural, use the original drawings. You can find them in great abundance on the Internet.