Wedding Cake: Classic Or Original Design

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Wedding Cake: Classic Or Original Design
Wedding Cake: Classic Or Original Design

Video: Wedding Cake: Classic Or Original Design

Video: Wedding Cake: Classic Or Original Design
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Previously, at weddings, cakes looked the same - whipped cream, decorations in the form of canned fruits and plastic figurines of the bride and groom. Now the situation is completely different - the variety of wedding cakes is simply off scale. However, in order for the cake to become a real crown of the evening, it is necessary to carefully approach its choice.

Which wedding cake to choose?
Which wedding cake to choose?

The appearance of the dessert is one of the sweetest and most memorable moments of a wedding celebration. It can be a classic wedding cake, or even more original options.

Classic cake

Let's start with the classics: a classic cake usually consists of three or more tiers, the tiers are monochromatic, covered with one cream and decorations, but the appearance and filling of such a cake can be very diverse. This also includes chocolate cakes decorated with ripe berries or cream flowers.

Usually classic cakes are covered with white cream or mastic, decorated with beautiful and edible bows, flowers, figurines, butterflies, etc. The shape of the cakes is most often round, maybe square, the cake is made in the form of a gift. There are ice cream cakes, sometimes they are replaced with portioned ice cream. The most popular cakes, covered with mastic, are used to make a wide variety of figurines, usually in the form of a bride and groom, as well as flowers and decorations.

Original cakes

The “naked cake” has also gained popularity, modern designers like the philosophy of simplicity and naturalness, berries and fruits are used as decoration. They often grease the cake with separate uneven strokes, but the most important thing in these cakes is the unforgettable taste and good composition.

A widespread wedding cake in the form of cupcakes is muffins or cakes. They are usually located on the bottom tier of the cake, and on the top tier there is a regular cake that the newlyweds will cut.

Recently, very often the ombre cake is ordered for a wedding. It is called so because of the transition of light cream colors to darker ones. It looks very pretty and can be a sweet part of the entire wedding decor.

Some fans of original inventions decide to replace the cake with a wedding pizza, or order a large watermelon with fireworks, there are also summer versions of a watermelon cake (inside - watermelon, and outside - cream and decorations).

The cake can be of different colors, it can be the same color on the outside, and multi-colored on the inside. Sometimes, as a surprise, a ring is baked into the cake. It is believed that whoever finds him will soon marry himself or get married. There are other symbols for surprises - a coin means wealth, a nut means longevity, a bootie means the birth of a child. So that the surprise is not accidentally swallowed, it is better to attach a postcard with a wish to it.

The classic option is to take out the cake on a special tray, they usually turn off the lights, light candles or garlands, use pyrotechnics, while turning on beautiful music. The original solution is the use of special effects, attracting costumed characters, gymnasts and magicians to the action.

You can place the cake on a special swing and solemnly lower it from above, the cake can be in the hall from the very beginning of the celebration under a glass lid. Sometimes the cake mock-up is effectively taken out and dropped on the floor; there are many impressions from such a rally.