How To Dress Up A House

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How To Dress Up A House
How To Dress Up A House

Video: How To Dress Up A House

Video: How To Dress Up A House
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The long-awaited holiday is approaching. Guests are invited, and your dress for the evening has long been awaiting its release. The only thing left to do is to decorate the home. How can you dress up a house?

How to dress up a house
How to dress up a house


Step 1

First, before decorating, you need to prepare the house. General cleaning can be carried out both on your own and with the help of an invited cleaning service. In the first case, money will be saved, in the second - effort and time. It is necessary to get rid of old unnecessary things, or transform them for a new life.

Step 2

Start your festive decoration. In addition to standard decoration items such as flowers, garlands and balls, there are many unusual techniques.

Step 3

Textile. Unconditional decoration can be special themed capes for upholstered furniture, festive tablecloths and napkins. If we are talking about a children's party, then soft textile toys will also be very appropriate. It is also possible to decorate curtains with textile compositions and flowers.

Step 4

Glass and ice. Your buffet table may well be topped with a glass or ice sculpture. It's very sophisticated.

Step 5

Stained glass. It is not necessary to order an expensive real stained glass window made of colored glass. You can get by with a temporary option. Stained glass film glued to glass will look very natural.

Step 6

Candles. Compositions of lighted candles will add more warmth and comfort. By the way, you can also use scented candles. Just don't overdo it with the smell.

Step 7

Fountain. You can make the center of attention a small fountain in the courtyard of the house. Also, a mini-fountain, which can be placed in a place for guests to relax, will give peace and a sense of comfort. The very popular chocolate fountain can become the center of the table.

Step 8

Light. In addition to the aforementioned garlands, there is a great variety of light decorations of various shapes and purposes. Light figures look the most impressive.

Step 9

All kinds of art objects are very popular in our time. If you have good aesthetic taste and artistic skills, then you will most likely be able to cope with creating such an object on your own. If not, then any designer will do something for you for a good remuneration.

Step 10

Home decoration is a very intimate process. Each home requires its own individual approach. If you find such a task difficult, then you can hire a professional - an interior designer who will certainly do everything right.