How To Write Congratulations To Dad

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How To Write Congratulations To Dad
How To Write Congratulations To Dad

Video: How To Write Congratulations To Dad

Video: How To Write Congratulations To Dad
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Father is the closest person, so on his holiday you always want to do something especially pleasant. But, at the same time, it is not easy to write a congratulation to a person you love, since only true masters of the word can convey your feelings and wishes on paper.

How to write congratulations to dad
How to write congratulations to dad

Three technical aspects of congratulations

Any congratulation is, whatever one may say, an ordinary text, and the creation of any text can be divided into three aspects: form, content and presentation.

All three of these aspects are very closely related. But if you carefully work out each of them separately, then as a result you can put together a very high-quality and vivid congratulation that will be remembered by your dad for many years.

Poem or prose?

The easiest place to start is with the form. The form here means what kind of congratulation you want to create: prosaic or poetic.

The poem is primarily characterized by lightness. Reading such a congratulation will leave very bright, funny memories and at the same time surprise your dad. But if you want to make an impression through sincere and long statements, then you should prefer prose to rhymes.

It may seem that writing prose is easier. But in fact, this is a delusion. The poem is limited to rhymes and general rhythm, which greatly facilitates the creative process. When you have a blank sheet of paper in front of you, on which you can write “whatever you want,” concentrating is much more difficult.

Content: avoid mediocrity

After you have decided on the form, it's time to start writing the text itself. As examples, you should not read greeting cards from the stores, as the formulaic words given there will not impress your father with their sincerity.

If you want a really good greeting for your dad, try to focus on his personality. Maybe you know about his strengths and the invaluable experience that he was able to pass on to you. Write about how proud you are and how you love him. If you have a shared story from your childhood in stock, think about it - you can even make up a short story.

When you finish writing your congratulations, try to analyze, could you read what you wrote to another person on his birthday? If not, then your congratulations really turned out to be very sincere and you managed to avoid mediocrity.

How to animate text

To make your congratulations to your father especially vivid and memorable, you can try to structure the text beautifully and accompany it with illustrations. The illustrations can be photos from your family album or your own drawings. The main thing is that the design corresponds to what is written in the congratulation, without causing dissonance.