Where To Go On A Weekend In November

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Where To Go On A Weekend In November
Where To Go On A Weekend In November

Video: Where To Go On A Weekend In November

Video: Where To Go On A Weekend In November
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In November, a lot of interesting events are held in the capital. From festivals to the celebration of National Unity Day. At this time, you can find yourself a lot of entertainment to your liking, or just go to a cozy cafe.

The Bolshoi Theatre
The Bolshoi Theatre


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At the very beginning of the month, if suddenly the first of November falls on a day off, the celebration of Halloween continues. At this time, the clubs host thematic programs, festivals and other events. In early November, you can have a great rest at a thematic celebration. Among the interesting Moscow festivals are the book relay "Open the Book for Children", where you can go with your child, and the gastronomic Food Show, which will be interesting for real gourmets.

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A little later, the celebration of the Day of National Unity takes place. At the very least, this is a great excuse to get out for a walk if the weather is warm. You can stroll through city parks, visit a museum, or visit relatives and friends. In addition, small concerts and festivals are usually held in parks on holidays.

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Warm November weekend is a great excuse to go to the barbecue again. The main thing is to grab warm clothes, a barbecue, coal and marinate a barbecue at the rate of 500 grams per person. The undoubted advantage of such trips in the fall is the complete absence of annoying insects. Be sure to collect your trash and take it out of the forest.

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If you like delicious food, be sure to drop by your favorite restaurants in early November, most often they have a special autumn menu that may interest gourmets. And at the end of November, you can already get acquainted with the special offers of the winter season.

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November is the most suitable month for going to theaters, the fact is that at the beginning of November most of the theaters, after returning from their tour, show the most interesting premieres. If you take care of purchasing a ticket in advance, you can get to good seats in the most unusual theaters.

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The beginning of November is the days of school holidays, so there is an opportunity to go somewhere with the child. It could be a circus, a water park, a curious exhibition, or even a simple entertainment center. It is best, of course, to go in the morning on the weekend, so you will most likely avoid crowds and lines.