How To Spend Your Second Wedding Day

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How To Spend Your Second Wedding Day
How To Spend Your Second Wedding Day

Video: How To Spend Your Second Wedding Day

Video: How To Spend Your Second Wedding Day
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A wedding is one of the most unforgettable and unique days in the life of any person. Therefore, I want everything to be of the highest standard. But, in addition to the first wedding day, there is also a second one, and it should definitely not lag behind the first in terms of fun.

How to spend your second wedding day
How to spend your second wedding day


Step 1

Start the program for the second day in much the same way as the scenario for the first. Guests are required to advise where they will be expected and at what time. The organizers are obliged to appear earlier and prepare everything for the arrival of guests and newlyweds: music, props for competitions and games, decorate the premises.

Step 2

Think about what you can do with the assembled guests. You can offer video footage shot the day before or a photo exhibition with shots on the same topic. Organize a test of hearing, memory, vestibular apparatus, followed by hangover treatment. Later - re-examination and verification of the effectiveness of treatment. The newlyweds can appear earlier than the guests and act as greeters, or later, but then you can arrange a meeting, at least with applause.

Step 3

It is necessary to paint the script, not forgetting about dances and songs. Competitions are appropriate to test how young people will cope with the household. Upon completion, present them with a certificate with excellent marks in the subjects responsible for housekeeping. On the second day, you can find out who will be the firstborn of the young. We need to prepare two babies and pink and blue clothes. It is necessary to pull out enough clothes for the baby to be dressed. If more blue clothes are obtained, then there will be a boy, pink - a girl. There is a custom of planting a tree seedling young, symbolizing love and its growth over time. If the holiday is organized at home, you can symbolically plant a seedling in a pot, and then put it in a sunny place. The mummers are undoubtedly an attribute of the second day.

Step 4

You can use the option of holding a wedding in the form of outdoor activities. Make a trip to the recreation center or out of town. If the event takes place in winter, then it can be sledding, skiing, snowboarding. And if in summer, then you can go to a paintball club. This is exciting, extreme entertainment.

Step 5

Organize a trip to the sauna or steam bath. The steam room and the pool will relieve stress after the first day of the wedding, and friends will shower the young with wishes of eternal love and new congratulations.

Step 6

You can get out into nature, and it does not depend on the season. Bonfire, songs, kebabs will help warm up and spend a wonderful day. Here you can also arrange games and contests, and the night starry sky will inspire romanticism. All night long you can walk near a river or lake and confess your love.

Step 7

Organize a carnival of love. Make a masquerade. Walk, walk like that. You can dress up in costumes, enjoy your crush. Or maybe it will be a thematic evening, where everyone will prepare some scene from the real life of the newlyweds. Or a dance marathon, where both guests and heroes of the occasion can come off. On the first day, young people usually do not manage to take a walk.

Step 8

If there is an opportunity to travel light on a yacht or boat, then do not deny yourself this pleasure.