How To Organize A Wedding Abroad

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How To Organize A Wedding Abroad
How To Organize A Wedding Abroad

Video: How To Organize A Wedding Abroad

Video: How To Organize A Wedding Abroad

The number of young couples who have decided to register their marriage abroad is increasing every year. An unforgettable ceremony can be organized in a luxurious old castle, on a snow-white sandy beach in the middle of the ocean, in the mountains, on a yacht, under water and in other places. The choice is unlimited. It all depends on your desires and preferences.

How to organize a wedding abroad
How to organize a wedding abroad


  • - select a country;
  • - organize the wedding yourself;
  • - turn to professionals;
  • - prepare the necessary documents.


Step 1

If you want to celebrate your wedding abroad, the first thing to do is choose the location of the celebration. Decide what you expect from this day and how you would like to spend it. There are countries where the marriage procedure is simple and does not require a long stay in the country. These are Austria, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Cyprus, Turkey, Slovenia. Among the islands you can choose Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Cuba, Dominican Republic or Seychelles. If you prefer distant countries, check out New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, or the United States.

Step 2

In order to officially register a marriage abroad, check the nuances of the procedure and the required package of documents in the selected country. Each state has its own laws. Remember that the family code of the Russian Federation recognizes foreign marriages.

Step 3

After the official procedure, you will receive a marriage certificate, affix an apostille, translate the document into Russian and notarize the translation. After that, it will be recognized on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Step 4

If you decide to register your relationship with the district registry office, organize a symbolic ceremony. It will be an unforgettable holiday that you will remember for a lifetime. Explore the symbolic rites of Buddhist monks, Indian wedding ritual, Shinto ceremony in a Japanese temple. Consider options for celebrating at the Eiffel Tower, on the rooftop of an old palazzo in Venice, etc.

Step 5

Discuss all the details with your other half and decide on the country and place of the ceremony. Plan your wedding scenario. Decide what you need to make your dream come true. Think about how you would like to design the venue for the celebration and who you would like to see as the host. Decide on the music, menu and other nuances. Remember that everything must be thought out in advance.

Step 6

When everything is decided, decide on who will organize your holiday. You can do this yourself or using the services of professionals. If you do not have this experience and do not have enough free time, contact a wedding agency that specializes in organizing celebrations abroad. They will take care of all the hassle and arrange an unforgettable holiday for you.

Step 7

Keep in mind that there is a mandatory set of documents for registering a marriage abroad:

- birth certificate;

- divorce certificate (if any);

- certificate of previous marriage (if any);

- a certificate that the former spouse (wife) has gone missing, died, etc. (if this case took place).

In addition, other certificates may be required (no criminal record, permanent residence, etc.). It all depends on the individual requirements of your chosen country.