How To Organize An Off-site Wedding Registration

How To Organize An Off-site Wedding Registration
How To Organize An Off-site Wedding Registration

Video: How To Organize An Off-site Wedding Registration

Video: How To Organize An Off-site Wedding Registration
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More and more newlyweds want to conduct onsite registration, because it is very beautiful and romantic. How to organize the ceremony and what difficulties you may face.

How to organize an off-site wedding registration
How to organize an off-site wedding registration

First of all, it is worth noting that you will still have to officially register at the registry office, since according to the law, the book on the registration of acts of civil status should not leave the boundaries of this institution. This is adjusted by regional laws, that is, it depends on the city. For example, in Moscow there are a number of established places where you can carry out official registration, in St. Petersburg it is impossible, unless you intend to break the law.

Therefore, the couple often regards registration at the registry office as a formality, and a real wedding ceremony is arranged in the place where they want: in a chic palace, in a restaurant, in a greenhouse, on a boat, in nature by a lake or bay, on the roof.

What is exit registration.

This is a staged action, where the recorder-actor reads out the text, the young people take oaths of allegiance and exchange rings. A decorated arch is installed, a carpet covered with rose petals is laid out to it, guests sit to the right and left of the path on beautiful chairs. After the ceremony, everyone will have a wedding banquet or buffet.

Off-site registration has a lot of advantages: you can choose any date of the celebration convenient for you, it is very beautiful and dedicated only to you, you do not feel like just “one of” the newlyweds (this is especially important for the bride). You can also show your imagination in writing a text, write an individual script, arrange a rally for guests - there are many options. Plus, you'll get amazing keepsake photos.

What makes up the cost.

1. First of all, it is the lease of the site. Some restaurants provide a place for off-site check-in at no additional cost when ordering a banquet from them.

2. The cost of the decorated arch and chairs (chairs can also be provided by the restaurant free of charge, otherwise they will have to be rented and brought).

3. Other decor: carpet runner, flower arrangements along the runner, rose petals, etc.

4. The work of the registrar.

5. Musical accompaniment. This can be a saxophone, violin, harp, musical duo or trio.

In St. Petersburg, the cost of on-site registration on a turnkey basis is on average from 20,000 to 50,000 rubles.

Where to begin.

It is advisable to start with the choice of a restaurant, since many restaurants themselves provide such a service, moreover, they work only with their organizers. If the restaurant does not provide this, then there are many agencies that deal with offsite registration and will gladly offer you options and scenarios.

What else can ruin your mood.

In addition to the increased budget for the wedding, the weather can also bring an unpleasant surprise. Of course, rain is not a hindrance for true love, and the ceremony under the umbrellas can even add additional charm, but in the event of a rainstorm with a strong wind, you will have to change clothes for the subsequent banquet. And walking on wet sand or grass will not be very pleasant for your guests.

Therefore, if an open-air ceremony is planned, it is necessary to provide for the possibility of transferring it “under the roof” or installing a tent.

In any case, off-site registration will be remembered by you and your guests for its beauty. And minor troubles will not spoil the mood of those in love on this beautiful day.

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