How To Draw Valentines

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How To Draw Valentines
How To Draw Valentines

Video: How To Draw Valentines

Video: How To Draw Valentines
Video: How To Draw A Valentine 2023, March

The whole country is happy to play the game called "Valentine's Day". Adults and children, imitating Western traditions, with affection buy souvenirs in the form of hearts, write touching messages, present dear and loved ones with spring bouquets. Of course, valentine cards are an integral part of this holiday. They are bought in the store and made on their own.

How to draw valentines
How to draw valentines


Step 1

For those who have artistic talent and taste, we recommend drawing valentines.

Take a sheet of plain paper, a rough draft is fine, fold it in half and draw half a heart near the fold line.

Step 2

Without unbending, cut out the heart and unfold the resulting stencil.

Step 3

Take a sheet of thick paper (good if it is design paper or cardboard) and trace the stencil with a pencil.

Step 4

Now attach the stencil to the one already drawn so that the roundness of the heart coincides (it should look like a mirror image). Alternatively, fold the paper and trace around the stencil so that one side (on the fold line) remains intact when cutting.

Step 5

Feel free to cut the double heart

Step 6

If necessary, color the resulting postcard and be sure to write in gentle words about your own feelings.

Step 7

The card can be decorated with rhinestones, sparkles, sequins, lace and even fresh flowers.

Step 8

For computer geniuses, the option is simpler. Using the shortcut keys "Ctrl + N", create a document in Photoshop.

Step 9

Select the "Gradient Tool" from the toolbar. The fill types will appear, click on "Linear Gradient" and define the background for your future valentine.

Step 10

Pour from top to bottom. If you turn on the item "show the grid", then the drawing will turn out to be more symmetrical and clear.

Step 11

In the "Custom Shape Tool" there are various shapes: select the heart, define its color and press "Shift" to save.

Step 12

To give the heart volume, you need to paint over it with a gradient. Do the following: with the "Selection Tool" select the shape in the toolbox and the type of gradient.

Step 13

On the left side of the figure, paint a small highlight with a brush. The same flash can be placed on the right side.

The drawing is ready, it remains only to come up with a congratulation text and insert it.

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