How To Celebrate New

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How To Celebrate New
How To Celebrate New

Video: How To Celebrate New

Video: How To Celebrate New
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New 2012 will be held under the symbol of the Black Water Dragon. He needs to be met actively and cheerfully, in a pleasant friendly or family circle, because the Dragon loves fireworks, games and fun.

How to celebrate New 2012
How to celebrate New 2012


Step 1

The main symbols of 2012 are the dragon, tree and water. These items must be present in the festive decoration of the house. You can also use sea shells, stars, images of octopus, fish and other marine life. Miniature fountains and waterfalls will become a magnificent decoration of your home. A dragon figurine must be present in the apartment or house, as the owner of the next year. If not, you can use a soft toy or a picture with his image.

Step 2

As gifts for the new year for yourself and your loved ones, prepare talismans with the image of a dragon and carry them with you next year. These can be key chains, cell phone charms, small toys, refrigerator magnets. Place dragons in all rooms except the bedroom, and he will guard your house from adversity throughout the year.

Step 3

The main materials for New Year's decorations should be wood, glass, crystal and flowers. Perfect for festive decoration vases, figurines and compositions of dried flowers and tree branches.

Step 4

You need to celebrate the New Year like this. A couple of minutes before the significant chiming clock, take your mind off the surrounding bustle, calm down and mentally thank Rabbit, the patron saint of the outgoing year, for the good things you had in 2011. Imagine that all the good from 2011 passes with you into the coming year, and all problems and failures remain in the past. After the chiming clock, mentally greet the new owner - the Dragon and welcome the new year with a positive attitude.

Step 5

In the year of the Dragon, it is recommended to give people love and goodness, astrologers say that all this will return to you doubly. If you show negativity, the Dragon will strengthen it in relation to you.

Step 6

There should be a lot of rhythmic modern music on the New Year's holiday. Movements in dances should symbolize the grace of the dragon and be either sharp or slow-hypnotic. The main thing on New Year's Eve is to show more activity and excitement.

Step 7

Festive clothes should be bright colors and at least a little black. Brilliant decorations will do, since Dragons in fairy tales often act as keepers of treasures and treasures. Unusual, fantastic outfits are suitable for celebrating the New Year. Makeup and manicure can also be made fancy, since the Dragon is a mythical animal.

Step 8

On the festive table, there must be fish cooked in any way. When setting the table, put candles and light them during the holiday. To maintain an enchanting atmosphere, use sparklers, as the Dragon is a fire-breathing animal.

Step 9

Celebrate the New Year in a fun and active way, play games, laugh and joke more, and then the Dragon will appreciate your activity and mind, and will be your patron throughout the year.

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