How To Make A Voluminous Postcard With Your Own Hands

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How To Make A Voluminous Postcard With Your Own Hands
How To Make A Voluminous Postcard With Your Own Hands

Video: How To Make A Voluminous Postcard With Your Own Hands

Video: How To Make A Voluminous Postcard With Your Own Hands
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Volumetric postcards look very nice. Such a gift from a child will be appreciated by a mother. You can create a voluminous postcard using the pop-up technique and give it to your loved one. There are many ideas for a picturesque picture. Better to start with a simple option.

Volume postcard
Volume postcard

Greeting card for mom on March 8 or birthday

How nice it is for a child to make a gift for his mother with his own hands.

Other adults can help a child create a small masterpiece for mom: older brother, sister, dad.

First of all, you need to prepare everything you need:

- colored cardboard;

- scissors;

- colored paper;

- glue.

First, a tulip flower pattern is drawn. Now you can attach it to paper of any color and cut 5 identical parts. Each is folded in half, then straightened.

Glue half of one part from the inside with glue to the fold and glue half of the second part to it. In the same way, all 5 parts of the volumetric tulip are glued together.

The postcard itself can be made in the form of a bouquet. To do this, a rectangle is cut out of cardboard, folded in half. Now the excess is cut obliquely from the bottom of it upwards and a triangular postcard is obtained. Above with scissors, you need to make a wavy edge.

A volumetric flower is glued exactly in the middle, a stem extends from it, located exactly at the fold.

Using the template, you can draw rose petals and glue this flower in the center of the card.

When mom gets a postcard for her birthday, she will be very happy. After all, it was made by the hand of a beloved child, besides, voluminous postcards look very impressive. The birth of such a paper masterpiece will coincide with mom's birthday.

Adult options

But not only she will be pleased to receive a voluminous postcard created by the hands of a loved one. Such an original gift can be made for a birthday with your own hands as a gift to a friend, loved one.

It is also easy to create voluminous pop-up cards. You need to take a rectangular sheet of white paper and draw 2 beveled corners on it, one opposite each other. You will get a hexagon. Now you need to take a clerical knife and cut this figure into parallel stripes, 0.5 cm wide.

It is important to step back from the edges so that the figure cut in this way is kept on the main sheet. Now carefully fold the outer contours of this figure and fold it in half. The outer uncut parts (perimeter and 2 corners) are coated with glue.

Take a rectangular sheet of thick paper, write congratulations on one of its inner sides, glue the resulting slotted figure in the middle. The birthday boy will be delighted.

In this way, you can design postcards for any other joyful event. You can hand them in this form or draw a beautiful postmark, indicate the original address and write warm words of congratulations.