How To Play Santa Claus

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How To Play Santa Claus
How To Play Santa Claus

Video: How To Play Santa Claus

Video: How To Play Santa Claus
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On the eve of the New Year holidays, every kid dreams of meeting a “real” Santa Claus, who will come to congratulate him on purpose and will certainly give him the desired toy. You can create a fabulous atmosphere for a child on your own by asking your dad, grandfather or a family friend to play the role of kind Santa Claus.

How to play Santa Claus
How to play Santa Claus


Step 1

So, if you yourself decided to please the baby by communicating with the wizard grandfather, you should prepare in advance, so to speak, to get used to the image. Try to believe for yourself that you really are Santa Claus, children are very attentive and impressionable natures, even the smallest of them easily catch falsity and insincerity.

Step 2

Often dad or grandfather give out eyes: children catch the look of Santa Claus and immediately recognize a loved one in him. So if you are expecting a meeting with adult children (over four years old), you should definitely take this moment into account. Thick eyebrows and a beard are perfect as a disguise, you can also wear glasses - after all, Grandpa is already old.

Step 3

Pay attention to the hands - this part of the body is also very easily recognizable, especially if a wedding ring flaunts on the ring finger or there are noticeable scars or tattoos on the skin. Just stay away with your mittens on.

Step 4

Work on your future speech: this will not only help you better get used to the role, but it will also allow you to practice changing your voice. Remember, impromptu in this case can be a complete failure. It is better if you receive a critical assessment from the outside.

Step 5

It is very good if Grandfather Frost begins his greeting in a poetic form. You should not memorize your role by heart or use a cheat sheet, but you should still navigate the "topic". Also remember that it will be quite hot in a Santa Claus costume, and a prepared text can save you a lot of problems.

Step 6

Under no circumstances should you come to visit in your house slippers or boots, otherwise the idea with Grandfather Frost may immediately fail. Most kids are surprisingly very attentive to shoes. If there is no way to get felt boots somewhere, just put on impromptu covers on your usual shoes that match the suit. For the same reason, Santa Claus should not smell like daddy's eau de toilette or shaving lotion.

Step 7

The role of Santa Claus will be all the more convincing if, before his arrival, the Pope demonstratively leaves the room. The older the children are, the more plausible the version of his departure should be. For example, dad might have forgotten the firecrackers in the car and went to the garage to pick them up.

Step 8

It will be great if the future Santa Claus will replenish his vocabulary with some unusual, old Russian words, phrases from fairy tales. You need to talk with children in a language that is familiar to them, but at the same time, interspersed with words that are surprising for them. So the image will look more complete and believable.