How To Make A DIY Gift For Mom

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How To Make A DIY Gift For Mom
How To Make A DIY Gift For Mom

Video: How To Make A DIY Gift For Mom

Video: How To Make A DIY Gift For Mom

DIY gifts can be made from anything. Mom will be very pleased to receive an exclusive souvenir made of salt dough for the holiday or a photo with her child in a frame made by him from colored paper and cardboard. All these are pleasant little things that will remain for a long memory.

How to make a DIYt for mom
How to make a DIYt for mom


Step 1

Salted dough can be used to create a beautiful, exclusive and durable souvenir.

Prepare the dough from a glass of flour, a glass of extra salt and one and a half to two glasses of water. Knead thoroughly - it should not be liquid, so that it can be sculpted from it, like from plasticine.

Step 2

Make whatever you want out of dough - a kitten, flowers or dolphins - what your mother will like. If you want the souvenir to hang on the wall, flatten one side of the craft, and insert a loop of wire or thick thread on top. When connecting parts, you need to moisten the joints with a little water, for good adhesion. Use a cutting knife. Put the finished craft on a completely dry and not greasy baking sheet, covered with paper, and put in the oven for fossilization. Do not use too high a heat, dry at a moderate temperature for about 2 hours.

Step 3

When the craft dries and cools down, you can start painting it. To do this, take an ordinary gouache. When painting, choose the brightest and most joyful colors, as well as a thin brush. Paint with thick paint, thick layer. After the paint has dried, you can try to varnish the future gift, but this is not necessary.

Step 4

You can make a do-it-yourself gift for your mom from cardboard and colored paper or thick fabric. These simple materials and PVA glue will help create a fun photo frame.

Take a photo of your mother or the two of you, attach it to the cardboard and circle it with a pencil.

Step 5

Cut a base from this cardboard 5 cm larger on all edges than the photo, and glue the card onto it. Cut a frame out of colored paper or fabric. It should have a hole inside the size of the photo, and the edges should be 5 cm wide. Glue this frame onto the cardboard.

Step 6

Cut out the flower petals, center, leaves from colored paper. If the gift is by March 8, make the number 8, if for the birthday, then the number corresponding to the age or some kind of signature. Glue the flower in the upper left corner of the photo so that it goes over the edges of the photo and goes out of the frame. Stick the number or letters in the lower right corner. Do not forget to glue the cardboard stand on the back.

Step 7

You can make a bouquet for your mother that will always delight the eye and never fade. It is simple to make it from colored cardboard. Try making a tulip in a vase. This is a very beautiful flower that will be a great gift for any occasion, or just on an ordinary day. You only need two colors: green for the leaves and stem of the flower and pink or any other color for the flower itself. It is also noteworthy that there is a huge variety of flowers of this beautiful flower. You can choose both classic shades and cardboard with any fantasy pattern. You can make a gift quite unusual if you prepare in advance and plant a flower bulb in a glass so that it has time to germinate and release leaves by an important date for you. The flower can either be planted in the ground according to all the rules, or put it in a glass of water in such a way that the roots always have access to water, but the bulb itself was not immersed. Otherwise, the flower may simply rot.

Step 8

Print the flower detail template on a printer. If you don't have one, you can simply redraw the template onto paper. Carefully cut out the petals and flower of the tulip according to the patterns. Note that when cutting with a template, part A will have a notch at the bottom and part B will have a cut at the top. They will be needed in order to hold the flower together. Insert the petal cut from pattern B into the petal patterned from pattern A. Now take a small piece of wire and cut it as long as you would like the stem of your flower to be. You can use either regular metallic wire or insulated wire. But in the second option, it is best to take a green coated wire.


Step 9

Cut the leaves for the flower out of green paper. You can use cardboard, but plain paper will look better. A craft made of velvet paper will look even more interesting. Take double-sided tape and glue it to the base of the wire. Stick your tulip leaves on tape. Glue the flower bud to the wire from above. All that remains is to place your craft in a glass with a living flower. You can just carefully pierce the bulb in the center with a wire, placing an artificial flower between the live leaves, but in this case, you can damage your sprout, which has been grown for more than one month. It is better to carefully run the wire between the leaves and, bending it downwards, carefully stick it into the ground next to the bulb. Then your gift for mom will later grow into a real tulip flower and will delight your beloved mother for many years.

Step 10

If you are fond of polymer clay modeling, you can make a great gift for your mom. A mug with an individual design will be a great gift. First, you should draw the drawing that you plan to make on a regular sheet of paper. Draw with real measurements. It is very important. Take a mug that has no pattern or texture. In addition, it should not have sharp changes in its shape. The mug must be treated with a degreaser so that unnecessary small parts do not stick to the plastic. Cut out the drawing that you created as a template. Mash up the base color of the head. If you are going to make a bear as in the photo, then take the clay in gray. Roll it into a layer, about 2-5 mm thick. Cut out the silhouette of the bear from your template. Stick the bear to the mug where you would like to see him. Do not forget that by placing it too high, you will create a problem in using the mug for its intended purpose. You simply cannot drink from it.


Step 11

Gradually add the shapes to the bear, making the face in the form of a flattened circle first. Make the belly and legs of the animal in the same way. Then make ears from small circles. Use a special device to make round indentations of the auricles. Take a small piece of plastic, a shade lighter, and make room for the animal's face. Blind your nose with blue clay. Take a needle and use short stripes to give the fur texture to the bear. Now make two beady eyes from the black dots. Don't forget the patches. They need to be done by cutting out thin squares of the same color as the animal's face. Sew the squares with small and thin sausages of a dark color. In the same way, you can make seams on the animal's body. Roll up a thin green sausage and make a flower stem. Make chamomile petals from White clay, and stick a small yellow or orange disc in the center. Put your creativity on a mug to bake in the oven. Drying time and temperature should be indicated on the polymer clay packaging. Then take out the decoration and let cool. To prevent the gift from falling apart, it must be glued with glue. In conclusion, just process the molding on the mug with varnish and that's it. The gift is ready.