How Fun It Is To Have A Wedding

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How Fun It Is To Have A Wedding
How Fun It Is To Have A Wedding

Video: How Fun It Is To Have A Wedding

Video: How Fun It Is To Have A Wedding
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The wedding is a logical continuation of the novel. If you and your partner enjoy the way the relationship is developing between you, you will probably want to get married. This is an unforgettable day in which you both should be the most beautiful, funniest and happiest people.

How fun it is to have a wedding
How fun it is to have a wedding


Step 1

Choose a venue for your wedding banquet. For this purpose, not only a restaurant is suitable. In the summertime, feasts and dances can be organized on the boat. If you wish to celebrate in a secluded place, you and your guests can stay at the manor house. Choose options based on your personal preferences, as well as the number and contingent of guests.

Step 2

Take care of your photos and videos. You should be filmed by a professional, not a mutual friend who recently bought a camera. Discuss in advance with the photographer what kind of photo sessions you want to do. If you do not want to devote a lot of time to posing on the most important day, photos can be taken the day before.

Step 3

Find a toastmaster and musicians to entertain you and your guests. Take their choice seriously, because it depends on them to a large extent whether you will have fun or not. Choose a program that everyone will like. Consider both the age and occupation of the guests. If the invitees are composed of an equal amount of youth and older people, ask the facilitators to include intergenerational blocks in the program.

Step 4

Have a themed evening. For example, a wedding in the tradition of the last century. Remember to warn all guests so they can get ready. Keep in mind that you need to start planning this kind of wedding a little earlier than the usual one.

Step 5

Pay attention to each guest. The invitees will like it if, even for a moment, they become the center of everyone's attention. You can ask the toastmaster to compose at least a quatrain about everyone. Provide the necessary information about the person that makes him stand out from all. Then he will understand that the poem is addressed specifically to him.

Step 6

Arrange contests and dances. This is also an element of fun. Your task is to come up with new, unknown tasks for the participants together with the organizers. Besides, the selection of music is very important. She should be fun, not annoying, sincere.