How To Have A Bachelorette Party At Home

How To Have A Bachelorette Party At Home
How To Have A Bachelorette Party At Home

Video: How To Have A Bachelorette Party At Home

Video: How To Have A Bachelorette Party At Home
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Traditionally, the bride-to-be meets with her friends before the wedding to have a bachelorette party. This is an event that marks the imminent beginning of a new turn in life.

How to have a bachelorette party at home
How to have a bachelorette party at home

Despite the fact that many girls go to a cafe or club to celebrate a bachelorette party, you can also organize it at home. Whether you remember it or not will depend entirely on your preparation.

Preparing for the event

In order for the holiday to be liked and remembered, you need to carefully prepare for the hen party. The bride-to-be must decide on the number of girlfriends she would like to invite to the bachelorette party. As a rule, the closest ones are chosen.

The preparatory steps include:

- selection of applicants for the right to attend the bachelorette party;

- development and sending of invitation cards;

- preparation of the apartment for the celebration (cleaning, room decoration);

- drawing up a menu;

- a selection of music for a dance evening;

- purchase of products and everything you need;

- the choice of a festive outfit;

- drawing up a festive program;

- thinking over and purchasing prizes for competitions.

Having decided on the list of guests, you can proceed to the rest of the business. You can consult with other girls or someone who will help organize the event (for example, mom, witness, sister).

Conducting a bachelorette party

Any holiday is not complete without beautiful outfits and a festive table. The original design of the room will add a zest to this event. Colorful balloons, garlands of flags or flowers, origami and other interesting things will help to cheer you up.

An ordinary feast can be "decorated" with an unusual program. For example:

- dancing;

- contests;

- fortune telling;

- games.

The more fun the bachelorette party is, the more it will be remembered by the "culprit" of the event and her girlfriends. The selected music should be fun, modern, danceable. You can arrange karaoke singing or sing songs without musical accompaniment.

You can add mystery and mystery by performing some rituals (for example, "initiation into the bride", etc.). The ritual of fortune-telling on cards can be made unusual by playing it in the form of a game.

Any fantasy, even the craziest, can turn into reality. One has only to want and think over everything thoroughly. For example, each girl can write wishes, suggest her favorite recipes or advice for a future young housewife.