How To Celebrate The New Year In An Oriental Way

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How To Celebrate The New Year In An Oriental Way
How To Celebrate The New Year In An Oriental Way

Video: How To Celebrate The New Year In An Oriental Way

Video: How To Celebrate The New Year In An Oriental Way
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In each country of the East, there are different customs to celebrate the New Year. But everywhere it is considered a family holiday. There are also certain Buddhist traditions that unite them into one canvas for all the eastern powers of Asia. European people also sometimes celebrate this holiday, adopting oriental habits. How unusual is it to celebrate the New Year?

How to celebrate the New Year in an oriental way
How to celebrate the New Year in an oriental way


Step 1

Celebrate the New Year in the East on the first day of the winter new moon. The date of the celebration always comes at different times according to the lunar calendar. It falls between January 20 and February 20, so calculate it. Celebrate each celebration of the beginning of the year in a special way - in accordance with the twelve animals to which, according to ancient legend, Buddha gave one year of reign on Earth: Rooster, Monkey, Sheep, Horse, Snake, and Pig. As well as Dog, Dragon, Hare, Tiger, Ox and Rat.

Step 2

That is, when you meet the New Year, please its master - cook exactly those dishes that this beast prefers. Decorate your home appropriately: place an image or figurine of the year symbol in a prominent place. Don't make the animal angry, otherwise the whole year will be unsuccessful. Depending on which digit the year ends with, it belongs to a certain symbolism. For example, count 9 and 8 as years of yellow, 7 and 6 - red, 5 and 4 - blue, 3 and 2 - black, 1 and 0 - white. Dress for the holiday according to the color of the year.

Step 3

Start your preparations for the New Year well before it. Perform a general cleaning of your home. Pay in advance all taxes and debts to start a new debt-free period. Attach pine branches on the gate of the house or on the doors. On the walls, hang ribbons with coins, masks of people, lanterns and notes with wishes in the form of quatrains. According to feng shui, hang glitter tinsel in the northeast and north for academic and career success. For success in business and health, decorate the center of the house with a shiny iridescent or electric flashlight. Do not decorate the mirror and bed with rain and serpentine, so as not to induce conflicts and disappointments.

Step 4

Celebrate Eastern New Year 15 days during which you should only wear new clothes. For a festive table, cook seafood, round cakes made from rice flour in vegetable oil, beans, rice soup, pasta, meat and triangular dumplings seasoned with hot garlic and soy sauces, salads and sweets. Put each type of food in a certain place. Place fruits and rice dishes in the middle of the table. Place meat dishes on the west side, and fish dishes on the east. Place the rest of the dishes in empty spaces.

Step 5

On the day of the beginning of the New Year, visit all relatives, bow at the feet of the eldest of them. Then exchange gifts. Among the gifts, give to adults and children coins wrapped in red paper packaging. This means a wish for welfare and prosperity. In addition, it is customary to give expensive gifts. Before the commencement of the celebration, commemorate your ancestors at the sacrificial table. Put rice with water, vodka and burning incense on it.

Step 6

In the square, take part in grand processions and mass costumed performances with fireworks, stilts, firecrackers, paper dragons and tigers. In the evening, gather with your household at the table, help yourself, wish each other health, happiness, success and love.

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