Where To Go To The Wedding

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Where To Go To The Wedding
Where To Go To The Wedding

Video: Where To Go To The Wedding

Video: Where To Go To The Wedding

A wedding is one of the most anticipated days, the moment of creating a new family, a ritual that you want to spend so that it will be remembered for a lifetime. More and more often, young couples go abroad to register a marriage in a beautiful and memorable setting.

Where to go to the wedding
Where to go to the wedding


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When planning a wedding abroad, the first thing you should rely on is how easy it will be later, on the basis of the received certificate, to "legalize" marriage at home. Find out in advance what package of documents you need to generate to register a marriage in a particular country. However, you can register a marriage formally in a Russian registry office, and hold a solemn ceremony in any other country in the world.

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The next thing to choose is the style of your wedding. Do you want to feel like a knight and a beautiful princess, or the inhabitants of Ancient India, or spend this important day for your young family on the seashore or ocean. This will determine where you should go.

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If you dream of the Middle Ages, you will find ancient castles in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Spain and chic palazzo in Italy. If you take care of the wedding ceremony in Europe in advance, you can book an entire castle inexpensively, in which each of the guests will get their own, unique room, as well as purchase cheap air tickets.

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As a rule, there are no problems with visas for newlyweds and their guests. For this service, you can either contact a travel company, or arrange them yourself, by forming packages of documents for the newlyweds and each guest, by issuing a power of attorney for one person who will be in charge of submitting documents to the visa center. Please note that Spain, Italy and France are more willing to issue visas to Russian tourists than Austria and Germany.

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An inexpensive wedding can be played in Turkey or Cyprus. In addition, Cyprus is known for its loyalty to spouses and the smallest list of required documents. If you intend to invite a large number of guests, the cost of a trip to Cyprus or Turkey will not hit your pocket too much.

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If you dream of a sea of flowers, azure sea and sand under your feet on this momentous day, then your choice is India or Thailand. Bright colors of outfits, an abundance of vegetation, white beaches and turquoise water - all this will add a romantic touch to your wedding. It will be the most expensive to find yourself in a sunny paradise, because the main share of the costs will be covered by the cost of flights. However, it may be worth it - your wedding photos will look fabulous.