Doves At A Wedding: Signs And Tips

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Doves At A Wedding: Signs And Tips
Doves At A Wedding: Signs And Tips

Video: Doves At A Wedding: Signs And Tips

Video: Doves At A Wedding: Signs And Tips
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Since ancient times, one of the most romantic and beautiful wedding traditions has been the launch of snow-white doves into the sky. This ancient custom originated in Italy in the Middle Ages and has survived to this day.

Doves at a wedding: signs and tips
Doves at a wedding: signs and tips

How is the rite of passage with pigeons

Nowadays, the ritual with pigeons is somewhat different from what was carried out in the old days, since in Italy only the bride launched the birds into the sky, since the ceremony symbolized motherhood and fertility, but today there are two options for holding such a ceremony:

  1. the bride and groom release the birds at the same time, as a sign that everything in life will be done together;
  2. A whole flock of pigeons is released into the wild and soars into the sky with live fireworks in honor of the young.

Signs associated with the launch of pigeons at a wedding

Previously, before releasing pigeons into the wild, ribbons were tied to their paws. The red ribbon symbolized the feminine principle (the bride), and the blue one the masculine one (the groom). This was done in order to make it easier to track the movement of birds in the sky and correctly interpret their behavior in accordance with existing signs.

For example, it was believed that if the groom's bird took off earlier and significantly ahead of the bride's pigeon in flight, it means that the couple will have a boy first, if a pigeon with a red ribbon walks in front, respectively, a girl will be born first.

If the groom's bird flies in front of the dove all the time, this means that the husband will certainly be the main thing in the family. If the bride's bird is in the lead, then the spouse will run everything.

The light and relaxed flight of pigeons is a symbol of a calm and harmonious family life.

When the birds are rapidly gaining height, this means that all the cherished desires of the young will certainly come true.

If the newly released pigeons do not scatter in different directions, but fly side by side, then the marital relationship will be long and happy.

There is another, very original sign associated with pigeons. According to legends, if a bird stains the bride's dress, then the family will live in abundance.

Before deciding on such a ceremony, you should definitely make sure that there is no allergy to birds, so that a beautiful tradition does not lead to sad consequences.