What Signs For The New Year Must Be Observed In Order To Attract Love, Luck And Wealth

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What Signs For The New Year Must Be Observed In Order To Attract Love, Luck And Wealth
What Signs For The New Year Must Be Observed In Order To Attract Love, Luck And Wealth

Video: What Signs For The New Year Must Be Observed In Order To Attract Love, Luck And Wealth

Video: What Signs For The New Year Must Be Observed In Order To Attract Love, Luck And Wealth
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Most people believe in various signs, try to observe traditions for the holidays, especially on New Year's Eve. After all, everyone knows - as you meet a year, you will spend it later. Who wants to be unhappy, poor or lonely? The signs for the New Year 2018 indicated in this article will help bring good luck to the house, find love, return financial well-being and confidence in the future.

What New Year's signs should be observed?
What New Year's signs should be observed?

It is not for nothing that they talk about the New Year: as you meet, you will live. It should be celebrated cheerfully, on a grand scale, in the circle of friends and family. The more beautiful the outfit, the richer the table, the better. You cannot be sad, grieve, or be alone, so as not to ruin your life in the coming year.

The coming 2018 will be marked by the Yellow Earth Dog. This benevolent symbol is quite finicky, it requires mandatory compliance with all the rules for meeting and celebrating the New Year's celebration. Therefore, you need not only to carefully select recipes, gifts, outfits for yourself and decorations for your home, but also to observe old traditions, take into account signs and superstitions.

Home and Christmas tree decoration traditions

There are many signs associated with the decoration of the Christmas tree and the decor of the rooms. Superstitions also relate to the choice of outfits for the celebration, cleaning tips. All traditions are associated with the expectation of the upcoming magic, protection from harmful negative energy. Here are the most famous New Year's customs that are recommended to be taken into account when preparing for the celebration of the New Year 2018:

  • It is forbidden to celebrate the holiday in a room with cracked windows, broken furniture and toys, torn wallpaper in the corner.
  • You can't take the trash out of the house on New Year's Eve, so as not to lose happiness.
  • It is necessary to wash the sets, cutlery sets and dishes in all sideboards in advance, throw away plates with cracks, cups with broken edges, so as not to attract poverty and lack of money into the house.
  • On January 1, you need to sweep all the floors with a pre-purchased new broom, saying the phrase: "Broom, broom, bring a lot of money." The old one after the ceremony should be thrown away or burned.
  • To attract wealth to the house, you need to roll up several large banknotes with a tube, tie it with red thread, and hang it on a Christmas tree in hard-to-see places.
  • If a tree takes root in a bucket during the holidays, this means the appearance of a new family member in the coming year.
Christmas tree
Christmas tree

Customs for preparing a festive table

The Yellow Dog loves to eat tasty and satisfying food, so the New Year's table should be bursting with treats. However, you will have to make sure that none of those present on the plates has food left - the totem animal has a negative attitude to such waste. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare salads and snacks in portions, serving to guests in tartlets, bowls. Here are a few more food and drink traditions:

  • Do not cook dishes with crayfish, shrimp, lobster on New Year's Eve. Crustaceans love to back up and can reduce your income in the future.
  • The bread must be cut before dusk outside the window - this ceremony will increase prosperity in the New Year.
  • To attract money and good luck, set a rich seven course table. In the year of the Yellow Dog, it is imperative to treat guests with meat, chicken, appeasing the totem animal. Meat frying is best done with ribs.

New Year's signs related to health

Everyone wants to be healthy, strong, hardy, have strong immunity and "steel" nerves. That is why most of them wish and wish good health for themselves and their families. And in order to appease the Earth Dog, they also observe ancient customs. Here are some signs that promise the absence of disease in the new year:

  • Before the chimes, throw a scarf, bedspread or scarf over your shoulders, and with the last blow, throw it off your shoulders. This ceremony will help to "throw off" all diseases and misfortunes.
  • Take a bath or shower before the celebration. This procedure will wash away all the negative that has accumulated over the year, will help restore a healthy energy field.
  • Returning lost health or preserving it will help the return of all debts before the new year. You also need to ask back all the borrowed money.
  • If during the holidays a street dog has nailed to you, try, if not to shelter, then at least feed it. This will attract good luck and health.
Year of the Yellow Earth Dog
Year of the Yellow Earth Dog

Signs to lure good luck for the whole year

Who does not dream that the coming 2018 will be successful for all family members? But you cannot deserve happiness and love so easily, you need to help "Lady Luck" a little. So that mutual understanding reigns in the family, success in business, and peace of mind in the soul, the following New Year traditions should be observed:

  • After the end of the New Year holidays, collect all the needles that have fallen from a living Christmas tree from the floor, burn them in the oven or in the yard. So you will eliminate all misfortunes, sorrows and problems in the coming year.
  • At the last minute of the old year, peel the tangerine, put it under the tree. This ritual will help attract not only good luck, but also financial stability.
  • To meet a new love, a celebration must be met in a red dress or suit.
  • Another sign of love is to put a fragrant cinnamon stick in your pocket on New Year's, and then carry it constantly in your bag.
  • To get pregnant and give birth in the new year, you need to invite a couple expecting a baby to the celebration, and during the chiming clock, hold the woman in position by the hand.
  • An ordinary ficus will help to lure luck in the New Year of the Dog. You just need to buy a flower in a pot, put it in a prominent place.
  • To lure good luck on a visit, you must definitely buy a new outfit for the holiday. This will help not only restore well-being and peace of mind, but also get rich, become happier.
New year and wealth
New year and wealth

Signs for attracting money and wealth in the New Year

There are many traditions associated with coins, paper bills and ways of attracting money to a wallet. Everyone believes that on New Year's Eve you can make a wish, ask Santa Claus for wealth, and improve your well-being. However, money will not come into your pocket so easily, you need to perform several rituals to attract them in the New 2018. Here are some ways:

  • You should put 4 yellow coins in the corners of the table under the tablecloth so that the coming year is rich.
  • You cannot wash dirty dishes before lunchtime on January 1 - you can "lower" prosperity and wealth into the sink.
  • You need to put a coin under the plates on the table, and if possible, you can shove them under the seat upholstery.
  • A cleanly washed coin must be thrown to the bottom of a glass of champagne before the chimes strike. After the champagne is drunk, the coin is taken out, wiped with a napkin, and worn all year round in a closed compartment of the wallet to attract money.
  • Never lend on the eve of the New Year holidays - it will "take out" all the money and luck.
  • Before celebrating the new year, several coins are placed under the threshold so that the owners always have money.
  • To get rich for sure, you have to wash yourself in large bills, best of all in ruble and dollar terms, while chimes are ringing.

The main thing when observing traditions and customs is belief in the fulfillment of desires. Only sincerely made requests come true on the night of miracles. And in order for the dream in 2018 to become a reality as quickly as possible, you need to buy a New Year's toy in the shape of a dog, hang it on the Christmas tree closer to the center.