How To Build A Pyramid From Glasses

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How To Build A Pyramid From Glasses
How To Build A Pyramid From Glasses

Video: How To Build A Pyramid From Glasses

Video: How To Build A Pyramid From Glasses
Video: Making Pyramid with Glasses 2023, March

A pyramid of champagne glasses is an indispensable part of a magnificent wedding, anniversary or presentation. It can be ordered from a holiday agency, but you can build it yourself. A few packs of inexpensive glasses, bottles of champagne, a little patience - and you will succeed.

How to build a pyramid from glasses
How to build a pyramid from glasses

It is necessary

  • - glass wine glasses;
  • - champagne;
  • - a table;
  • - white tablecloth with a buffet skirt;
  • - a large round tray;
  • - decorations for the slide.


Step 1

Decide what size of the future pyramid (or, as it is also called, a slide or a cascade of champagne) you are interested in. The number of glasses is determined by the number of guests. Professionals erect pyramids of one hundred, two hundred or more glasses. It is better for a beginner to start with a relatively low structure - for example, 35 or 55 pieces. Please note that the construction of such a cascade will take a lot of time - at least two hours.

Step 2

Decide on the amount of consumables. Stick to the formula - for every 3, 5 glasses of the pyramid, you will need 1 bottle of champagne with a volume of 0.75 liters. Accordingly, buy 16 bottles for a pyramid of 55 glasses.

Step 3

Find the right glasses. The best option for a cascade is wide wine glasses, "saucers" or martini glasses. They are stable and look more effective than narrow flute glasses. When buying crockery, get a couple of extra packages in case a few pieces break. Do not spend money on crystal - inexpensive glass glasses are perfect for the pyramid.

Step 4

Take care of stable furniture - the reliability of the entire structure depends on it. The slide looks most elegant on a small round table covered with a white tablecloth with a special "skirt" (a draped cloth that completely hides the table legs).

Step 5

Start building a pyramid - for example, a spectacular cascade for 55 glasses. Place a tray on the table - it will protect the tablecloth from champagne drips. Set the bottom tier in the form of a square with sides of 5 wine glasses (25 in total). Place them tightly to each other, in even parallel rows. Line up the rows with a piece of cardboard.

Step 6

The second row of 16 glasses is placed so that each of them stands with its bottom on the upper parts of the four glasses of the lower tier. Install them evenly, without rushing, keep the rows parallel.

Step 7

The third row is made up of nine glasses, the fourth - of four and the last wine glass completes the pyramid. The slide is ready. It can be decorated with flower petals, dry ice in separate containers (it will smoke effectively). Chocolate candies or other small decorations are laid out on the tablecloth in an artistic mess.

Step 8

When the guests gather, start filling the fountain. Champagne carefully, bottle after bottle is poured into the top glass and gradually fills the glasses of all tiers.

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