15 Ways To Make A Wish For The New Year

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15 Ways To Make A Wish For The New Year
15 Ways To Make A Wish For The New Year

Video: 15 Ways To Make A Wish For The New Year

Video: 15 Ways To Make A Wish For The New Year
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The most magical time of the year is definitely New Years Eve. It is at this time that people begin to believe in miracles and the power of wishes made for the new year. But not everyone knows that there are many ways to make a wish for the new year, in addition to the usual methods. If one method did not help to achieve the desired - why not try the second and third, and maybe even all at once!

15 ways to make a wish for the new year
15 ways to make a wish for the new year

It is necessary

  • -leaves
  • -pen or pencil
  • -grapes (or small tangerines)
  • - chewing marmalade
  • -coins of various denominations
  • - candles
  • -ris
  • -telephone
  • And the main ingredient is enthusiasm and faith in yourself and the power of desire


Step 1

So, the very first and most common way of making a wish on New Year's Eve in Russia is to have time to write down your request on a small piece of paper while the chimes are chiming, not forgetting to thank the higher powers for the past year, burn the piece of paper, and stir the ashes from it in champagne and drink up.

Step 2

The second no less common method is to write 12 wishes on small pieces of paper, put them under the pillow, in the morning after the New Year, pull out the only one that promises to come true with the coming year.

Step 3

An equally entertaining way to make a wish is to write down such a number of desires that corresponds to the age of the one who makes a wish (that is, if you are 12 years old, 12 desires, if 25 years old, 25 desires, etc.), then find a live spruce or pine tree and start plucking from on a needle to utter one desire to yourself. It turns out one desire, one needle. Then put the needles in an envelope, glue it and put it away in a place where no one will see or find it for a whole year.

Step 4

When making a wish for the New Year or any other day, it is important to think over your wish to the smallest detail. For example, thinking "I want a red car!" you can quickly get it, but not the property, but simply see it on the street, find out that someone from your acquaintances has purchased a similar car, or simply drive in it. Therefore, you need to take into account to the smallest detail all the features and characteristics of your desire: "I want to have my own car, brands … (such and such), colors … (such and such), new (or used), etc. (indicate everything that for you are the main thing in desire)

Step 5

Another popular and modern way to make a wish and immediately find out the answer is by making a phone call. In the new year, ask a question while looking at the phone. If after that the first call is from a man, the answer is positive, from a woman - negative.

Step 6

Also, a well-known old way to find out the answer to a wish made on the New Year is fortune telling on a jar of rice. They hold their left hand with their palm down over a can of rice and ask a question or make a wish aloud. Then take a small handful of rice, put it on a saucer and count the number of grains. If the number is even, the wish will come true, if it is odd, the answer is negative.

Step 7

You can also make a wish by following the instructions for your zodiac sign:

-Aries, Leo, Sagittarius - your main assistant is fire. If you have any desire, you need to choose a time at dusk when no one will bother you and, concentrating, make your wish looking at the candle flame. Further, this desire should be written on paper and read it in the light of a candle for a year. If you want to get rid of something in life, the desire written on paper needs to be burned and the ashes thrown into the toilet. When your wish comes true, you must also burn it with gratitude to higher powers.

- Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces - your main assistant is water. You can make a wish by looking at the water, it is best to be on the shore, then make a paper boat and let it sail.

-Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn are your helpers food and money. Make one wish for one coin and carry it with you until the wish is fulfilled. During this period, it is better not to lend to anyone. Also when making a desire to chew grapes or gummies well.

-Gemini, Libra or Aquarius - your main helpers - a cheerful company and clouds. Make wishes while in a noisy company at a party, among friends. You can also make wishes on bizarre clouds that, in your opinion, reflect the essence of your desire.

Step 8

There is another equally interesting way to make a wish for the New Year, which is common in Cuba. Before the New Year comes, you need to prepare a dish with grapes (quiche-mish or other varieties with small berries), you can take other berries or small tangerines and, with the chimes, for each beat of the clock, have time to eat one grape, saying your desire to yourself … If you manage to do everything on time, your wish will come true!

Step 9

The next fun way is to make a wish while in a big company. You need to stand as high as possible (on a sofa, on a chair or other stable surface) and try to jump as high as possible under the chimes! In this case, you will have to choose a short wish in order to have time to make it in flight!

Step 10

In this way, you can make the most cherished and significant desires. Half an hour before the New Year, you need to write a letter to yourself, in which you should describe in detail your hopes, expectations and innermost desires. Next, the letter must be sealed in a red envelope and hidden in a pocket, under clothes, where others will not see it and, under the chimes, touch it again, saying your desire to yourself. After that, the envelope must be carefully hidden where no one will find it for a year, and it is allowed to open the letter only in the next new year.

Step 11

If on New Year's Eve you want to make a wish related to material wealth, you should prepare in advance small symbolic gifts in a beautiful wrapper or bags in accordance with the last two digits of the coming year, that is, in the coming 2014 the last two digits are 14, which means there should be gifts to be exactly 14. You can put fruits, sweets in the bundle (it is good to put chocolate coins). Under the chimes, mentally say your wish, and then go outside and distribute these gifts to anyone you meet with wishes of abundance of money in the coming year.

Step 12

In the New Year, according to Spanish traditions, the outfit should have some red elements (belts, jewelry, underwear, dress, shoes, etc.). Spaniards believe that red attracts money.

Step 13

According to Italian traditions, in the new year you need to cook a dish of lentils. It is believed that lentils are a symbol of abundance and prosperity. Also, to attract health, luck and wealth, Italians on New Year's Eve put a coin on the windowsill or light a candle. As gifts, it is customary to give red linen, which, according to legend, will bring renewal in relationships.

Step 14

For the French, the New Year is no less fun and interesting. In the new year, the hostess bakes a bean into any dish. Whoever gets a piece with a bean is jokingly dubbed "the bean king", and those around him fulfill his wishes that evening. It is also believed that this person will be lucky all year round.

Step 15

This method can be used in conjunction with other methods. After all the New Year's holidays, removing toys and tinsel from the tree, removing the last toy, you need to make your cherished desire for it. Many noted that this method was very effective and the desire came true quickly.

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