How To Have An Inexpensive Wedding

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How To Have An Inexpensive Wedding
How To Have An Inexpensive Wedding

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Video: How To Have An Inexpensive Wedding
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How to have an inexpensive wedding? This question worries almost every second newlyweds. The importance of an event often implies a certain scope and cost. And, as practice shows, after the passage of the celebration, people understand that at least a third of the budget was wasted, and it was possible to save on some things.

How to have an inexpensive wedding
How to have an inexpensive wedding


Step 1

Of course, most people associate a wedding with a luxurious expensive event. However, what to do if you have certain desires for the celebration, but there is no way to finance them. To begin with, we recommend that you make a detailed list of your planned costs. Then, seeing their real value, in a calm atmosphere try to identify what you can give up and replace something.

Step 2

Even your summer cottage can be a great option as a venue for a wedding, if it is not too far from the city. Any country house can be interestingly decorated, and the ability to freely walk along the street or place tables on it will be a huge plus. Alternatively, browse the large number of canteens. At least 30% of them have a decent look and quality food.

Step 3

If the wedding is planned in the summer, then meadow flowers and self-made decorations are quite suitable. In the cold season, it is worth focusing on garlands of balls. It's not hard to make them yourself, you just have to read a couple of recommendations on the Internet.

Step 4

You can save on food, you just have to competently approach the choice of products. It is logical to visit vegetable bases and brand shops of local factories, where the margin will be minimal. Give preference to seasonal dishes. For example, in the summer you can order a variety of vegetable salads. They look presentable, tasty and do not deteriorate very quickly. In winter, it is worth focusing on dishes with inexpensive ingredients, but which are as high in calories as possible. For example, salads with sausage, mayonnaise, canned food. As for drinks, fruit drinks made from homemade berries are a tasty and practical option.

Step 5

Absolutely any car can be used as a transport for newlyweds, the main thing is that it needs to be stylistically decorated. For example, paste over with hearts, wishes and photographs of the bride and groom. In this case, few people will pay attention to the brand and status of the transport.

Step 6

Toastmaster is the mood of the wedding. If you understand that the host of your wedding will not be able to provide the proper level of fun, then it is better to ask for help from a friend who is reputed to be the “soul of the company”. In this case, you can count on jokes that are appropriate for your joint friends and appropriate contests, which can be drawn up together with the newlyweds.

Step 7

The bride's dress is the last item on which to save money, because it symbolizes the dream of any girl. But the groom may well get by with a white shirt of domestic tailoring, which fits perfectly on him, but is not a branded thing. Shoes can also be picked up quite inexpensive, but very nice and comfortable.

Step 8

The wedding should leave pleasant impressions and memories. Debts and loans are unlikely to become a welcome start to family life. That is why a rational approach to a wedding event is quite appropriate.