How To Organize A Wedding In The Czech Republic

How To Organize A Wedding In The Czech Republic
How To Organize A Wedding In The Czech Republic

Video: How To Organize A Wedding In The Czech Republic

Video: How To Organize A Wedding In The Czech Republic
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More and more Russian couples dream of getting married abroad. They are attracted by the opportunity to spend this important day in an unusual environment and get even more emotions. One of the most accessible countries is the Czech Republic, so this dream is not so difficult to fulfill.

How to organize a wedding in the Czech Republic
How to organize a wedding in the Czech Republic

Some, having visited several weddings of relatives and friends, understand that everything follows approximately the same scenario, where there is a registry office, bride price, toastmaster, banquet, photo session "at the monuments." If you want something fundamentally different, pay attention to holding a wedding ceremony in another country.

The Czech Republic is perhaps the "easiest" country to host an official ceremony. Therefore, couples from all over the world go to the castles of Prague and the surrounding cities to marry.

Where to begin.

It is unlikely that it will be possible to organize the ceremony on your own; in any case, you will need to resort to the help of an agency. It is more profitable to contact a company based in the Czech Republic itself, you can find them on social networks. Chat with several such agencies on Skype or by phone, ask all your questions, compare prices. There are a lot of Russian speakers in Prague, so there will be no problems with communication. Wedding tours are also sold by Russian travel agencies, but, as a rule, it is more expensive. And to book flights and a hotel on your own will not be difficult.

The "basic package" includes renting a place for registration (castle, Town Hall, restaurant), accompanying young people in the registry office to sign an application, work of a registrar, translator, execution of all documents, translation and sending them to Russia, a bonus may be offered: musical accompaniment, champagne …

Where can the ceremony be held.

You will be presented with several options. Let's consider the most popular ones:

1. Old Town Hall in the central square. The ceremony there will cost from 600 euros.

2. Clementinum - a complex in the city center in the "baroque" style. The cost of the ceremony: from 1200 euros

3. Stiryn Castle, near Prague. A relatively modern castle hotel with a huge territory and golf courses. Cost: from 1100 euros.

4. Pruhonice Castle near Prague. Very beautiful old castle with a botanical garden and a lake on the territory. Cost: from 1200 euros.

5. Castle Hluboka nad Vltava. A romantic white castle in a small Czech town. The cost of the ceremony: from 1200 euros.

What is paid additionally:

Transfer to the place of registration (you can take a carriage, it will look very impressive), banquet or dinner at a restaurant, hotel accommodation, photographer, videographer, make-up artist, air tickets. All additional services can be ordered at the agency or found on your own.

Please be aware that:

- The ceremony itself lasts 25-30 minutes, so the castle will not be at your disposal all day.

- In most castles, ceremonies are held only a few days a week, so it's best to book the date in advance.

- You will need to come to Prague a few days before the ceremony to sign documents at the local registry office, this can be done only on Mondays and Wednesdays.

- You can officially register in your homeland, and in the Czech Republic you can carry out a symbolic registration, it will cost about the same, but it will simplify operations with documents.

- If you really want a fluffy dress, it will be problematic to carry it on the plane. Can be rented in Prague, although it is not cheap there.

- In Prague, the locals do not like Russians very much. Of course, this does not make architecture less beautiful, and this attitude is not particularly important for lovers, but, nevertheless, take note of it as a fact.

- After the ceremony, you can go on a honeymoon trip to exotic islands directly from Prague. (Better yet, from Munich or Paris).