DIY Snow Globe

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DIY Snow Globe
DIY Snow Globe

Video: DIY Snow Globe

Video: DIY Snow Globe
Video: DIY Snow Globe | Sea Lemon 2023, March

Gifts are, of course, an integral part of the New Year. It's time to think about them now, because there is not so much time left before the holiday - less than a month. I propose to make you an interesting little thing that is more suitable than ever for a gift for the New Year - this is a snow globe! Let's get started!

DIY snow globe
DIY snow globe

It is necessary

  • - a jar with a tight lid no more than 1 liter;
  • - sequins, foil or artificial snow;
  • - a figurine or Christmas tree toy;
  • - distilled water;
  • - glycerin;
  • - Super glue.


Step 1

The first thing we will do is glue the prepared toy to the bottom of the lid.

Step 2

Our next step will be this: we take a jar, rinse it very thoroughly and pour distilled water into it, then add glycerin. You don't need to pour a lot of glycerin. It is needed so that the snowflakes in the jar whirl slowly and smoothly. Calculating the right amount of glycerin is easy. Start from the following proportions: a tablespoon of glycerin per 1 liter of water. If you want, then check the concentration of glycerin yourself by throwing a couple of sparkles into the jar. If they fall too fast, then add some more.

Step 3

Next, fill the jar with sparkles or artificial snow. If neither one nor the other is not, then you can cut the foil into small pieces.

Step 4

Now you need to wait until the glue on which we glued the toy is completely dry. After this has happened, we take the lid and close the jar very, very tightly. That's all! The gift is ready! Good luck!

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