How To Decorate Walls For The New Year

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How To Decorate Walls For The New Year
How To Decorate Walls For The New Year

Video: How To Decorate Walls For The New Year

Video: How To Decorate Walls For The New Year
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Preparing to celebrate the New Year is not just about buying and decorating a Christmas tree. The festive atmosphere should be felt throughout the house, and it is created from various small but bright details in the design of each room, interior items, and, of course, windows and walls.

How to decorate walls for the new year
How to decorate walls for the new year


Step 1

If you are planning to decorate the walls of your apartment for the holiday and especially the room where you will receive guests, start by examining them and try to remove everything unnecessary from the walls so as not to visually overload them.

Step 2

Some owners approach this issue on a grand scale (especially if there has been no repair for a long time and there is nothing to lose): a wall defined for decoration can be repainted in some deep, rich, "velvety" color, and then put on it special thematic stickers cut in the form of snowflakes, Christmas trees, a reindeer cortege with Santa Claus, etc. These applications can be made of vinyl or gilded foil, and it is not necessary to remove them immediately after the holiday.

Step 3

You can temporarily arrange a false wall made of wooden slats. This will be the basis for attaching any jewelry, souvenirs and gifts for guests and family members.

Step 4

The wall can be decorated by placing along it multi-colored light bulbs, electric garlands, paper garlands of rings, various flat and three-dimensional figures, "rain" and other tinsel. You can stretch a strong thread along the wall, wrap it in a spiral with something shiny, and hang voluminous snowflakes, balls, bells, cones, etc. on it. Multicolored balloons, round and curly, will also look good. From garlands, you can lay out the date and congratulations on the wall.

Step 5

You can also decorate the wall with separate elements: From the wire, make a contour in the form of a star, a Christmas tree or a circle, interlace it with threads or thin wire, and then fill the inside with Christmas decorations or a garland.

Step 6

Cut a Christmas tree out of paper and decorate it with various shiny little things - sparkles, foil figures, balls, etc.

Step 7

Take an embroidery hoop or any other round thing, wrap it in shiny paper, bells, cones, spruce or pine twigs, bows, nuts wrapped in foil or candy can be reinforced at the top or bottom.

Step 8

Make a circle of fir branches or straw, beautifully intertwine it with ribbons or "rain" and decorate with Christmas decorations.

Step 9

Several balls or cones decorated with bows can be fixed inside the carved frame.

Step 10

Decorate the wall with "snowy" or "frosty" pine or spruce branches. To do this, grate the styrofoam and sprinkle the branches with it, having previously greased them with glue. Or place the branches in hot, strong salt solution overnight. In the morning, when the water has cooled, carefully remove them and dry them. You can also sprinkle rowan branches or cones with such "snow".

Step 11

It will be interesting for your guests to look at a homemade wall newspaper with wishes and congratulations for the New Year and photos from the holidays of past years.

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