Happy Birthday Lotteries

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Happy Birthday Lotteries
Happy Birthday Lotteries

Video: Happy Birthday Lotteries

Video: Happy Birthday Lotteries
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A fun lottery will help to diversify and make your birthday more interesting. Such entertainment will fill the holiday with a great mood. There are many options for how to run the lottery.

How to run a lottery
How to run a lottery

For the birthday lottery, you need to prepare in advance. First, you need to make tickets that can be printed on a printer. Well, if the printer is in color, then the tickets will be bright and colorful. Secondly, since this is a lottery, then there should be prizes. And they should, of course, be varied and funny. The lottery can be held at any time of the celebration.

How to give out lottery tickets

Lottery tickets can be handed out to guests at the entrance to the house. But there may be another option. For example, guests are offered to buy a ticket. And its price is such, how old is the hero of the occasion. The dates are written on the tickets, one way or another connected with the events in the life of the birthday man, and the guests who bought the tickets must guess them. The one who guessed it gets the coveted prize.

An interesting solution would be to glue tickets in advance to the bottom of the chair, which will accommodate your guests. For distribution of tickets, you can pick up a beautiful bag or a colorful box.

Each lottery ticket must have a number on which the prize will be issued.

How to run a lottery

A fun lottery can be played as follows. The presenter takes out pieces of paper with numbers from the bag or box. All guests now have tickets. On each number is written the prize that the owner of the same number will receive. It will be more interesting if a short rhyme is sounded before the prize is awarded, even just two lines will be enough. The rhyme should describe a specific prize. Here is a sample list of couplets and prizes:

Well done that you played

get two Ferraris. (two small cars)

Make a five-star dinner

this grater will help you.

Better than any rags

these room slippers.

So that everything is in order in the house, you will receive gloves. (latex gloves)

Don't cut your sausage into pieces, if you don't have a cutting board.

So that girlfriends run into the house, get coffee mugs.

You wanna be strong like gin

get, friend, vitamin. (carrot)

You won't be lost now

you won't leave here hungry. (the spoon)

Why should you have a wallet?

Put your money in a bag. (package)

How to make ends meet

you will understand now yourself. (scissors)

To write down where the pay went again, you will need this pen.

For an overgrown baby

wonderful nipple.

In the company of gentlemen and ladies

be you the star of the program. (nail)

To fix your hair

I will give you a comb. (fork)

You can think of a lot of such funny rhymes. Your goal is to make your holiday fun and memorable for years to come.