How To Wish A Friend A Happy Birthday

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How To Wish A Friend A Happy Birthday
How To Wish A Friend A Happy Birthday

Video: How To Wish A Friend A Happy Birthday

Video: How To Wish A Friend A Happy Birthday
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Celebrating a birthday is a tradition that has developed over the centuries. For a long time, people on this day congratulate the birthday man. And every year we have to think about how beautiful and original to congratulate the hero of the occasion. And if the hero of the day is your close friend, then you need to treat congratulations with special attention.

How to wish a friend a happy birthday
How to wish a friend a happy birthday


Step 1

In general, congratulations are the key moment of any holiday, without exception. It is the congratulations that make the birthday joyful and cheerful. After all, the general atmosphere of the holiday, its warmth and sincerity depends on the mood of the people around the birthday man.

Step 2

Therefore, the main thing is to correctly compose a congratulation, to do it competently and in an original way. Remember that any congratulation, including happy birthday, consists of three parts. In the first part, greetings, you need to address the birthday person with warm, affectionate and tender words ("Dear friend", "Our dear birthday boy").

Step 3

Do not forget to indicate the reason for which everything is started. This will be the congratulatory part. It usually begins with the words "We hasten to congratulate …", "Congratulations …".

Step 4

The third part of congratulations is wishes. Here you can show all your fantasy fantasy. The main thing is that wishes should be sincere, kind, funny, possibly with a humorous accent. It all depends on the closeness of your relationship and the sense of humor of the person being congratulated. It will not hurt in speech and emotionality. A sweet and funny congratulation will be pleasant to any person.

Step 5

It's good if you can connect the congratulation speech with the birthday present. This way you don't have to puzzle over how to present it. In this case, the time for congratulations will be the most appropriate moment.

Step 6

It is believed that the best time to make a speech is the beginning of the holiday. If you have prepared a congratulation with a philosophical note, then it will be clear to both the birthday man and the guests present. And if your words are simple and sincere, it is better to congratulate the birthday person in the middle of the feast, when the majority of those present are "drunk".