What Not To Give On March 8

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What Not To Give On March 8
What Not To Give On March 8

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Video: What Not To Give On March 8
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On the eve of the spring holiday, many men think about how to please lovely women. Present a banal duet - flowers plus sweets, or choose something more original? Despite the conventional wisdom that attention is not a gift, but attention, there is still a list of things that should not be given on March 8.

What not to give on March 8
What not to give on March 8

Slimming products

Gym membership, scales, and other weight loss products can be upsetting and offending to a woman. There are few beautiful ladies in the world who are completely satisfied with their figure, so they can perceive such presentations as an insult.


Dishes and other kitchen gadgets are also a very controversial gift. Such things are more likely related to everyday household purchases, but not to cute gifts for spring women's day.

The exception is specific orders and large household appliances, which your lady has long dreamed of.

Lingerie and gifts for adults

You can only give lingerie and goods from a sex shop to your beloved woman. Even playful intimate presentations can not only embarrass, but also seriously offend the recipient.

When it comes to underwear, men often choose it only for visual reasons. But even the most beautiful kit may be uncomfortable to wear or may not fit. In addition, it is also permissible to give such a gift only to your “soul mate”.


Souvenir products are just cute knick-knacks that, at best, will collect dust on the shelf, and at worst, they will be donated or sent to the trash can.

Vases, figurines, curly candles and postcards are more likely an addition to flowers, albeit controversial. Such things should be given only when a girl collects a collection and another ceramic cat or angel will find its place among her home exhibits.

Soft toys, especially large ones, can also be included in this category. Human-sized teddy bears look very impressive, but completely useless. Such gifts become regular dust collectors and only take up space in the apartment. The exception is girls who love this kind of thing.

Perfume and cosmetics

With the modern abundance of care products and perfumes, it is better to give a certificate to your favorite cosmetics store than to choose it for a girl yourself.

Perfume is a separate story. Each person has their own tastes and preferences. Some people like tart and sweet aromas, others prefer fresh and light scents, and still others do not use perfume at all. You can buy perfume as a gift if you know exactly the preferences of your lady or buy her favorite scent to replace the bottle that has run out.

Live gifts

Live gifts include real animals: cats, dogs, decorative rabbits, birds and aquarium fish.

Giving animals is a reckless and reckless act, especially if the woman did not talk about the desire to have a pet.

In any case, this present brings not only joy, but also a lot of trouble. There are cases when such live gifts were found after a holiday in nurseries, shelters, or even on the street.

If a girl wants to have an animal in her house, it is better to go with her to a pet store or nursery, help with the choice and pay for the purchase. The joint chores of choosing and caring for a pet will strengthen your relationship, and the gift will not be an unpleasant surprise.