What Not To Give For The New Year

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What Not To Give For The New Year
What Not To Give For The New Year

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Video: What Not To Give For The New Year
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New Year is not only a fabulous holiday, which we all look forward to, but also a period of exchanging gifts with each other. It is very difficult to choose a good gift. But for some reason, bad gifts themselves find the one who is looking for gift options. Let's make a small list of what you should never give to friends and colleagues.

What not to give for the New Year
What not to give for the New Year


Step 1

Never give your friends a symbol of the coming year or a calendar with this symbol. This is a banal and uninteresting thing that will lie somewhere in the far corner of the room and collect dust. This also applies to corporate calendars.

Step 2

In second place among bad gifts is a mug or a set of glasses. This is a kind of gift that is boring for everyone, which will not bring any joy and even offend a person with its indifference. Of course, at the same point and corporate circles. Here we also include mugs for the "best employee" and analogs.

Step 3

Don’t donate socks or ties. This is another type of things that everyone tries to give for any occasion. No matter how good a tie or socks are, they will not bring any joy to the person being gifted.

Step 4

Candy and food are not the best gifts either. There are plenty of tasty treats on the New Year's table and there will be nothing left for a person to remember. Candy can be added to a good gift, but not replaced.

Step 5

Also, the excitement around handmade soap is not clear at all. If it is beautiful, then it is a pity to wash it and it is on the shelf in the bathroom. Six months later, it turns into an unknown piece of something dirty and you have to wash it off to wash your hands. Moreover, it is characteristic that it is very inconvenient to use it for its intended purpose.

Step 6

It is also better not to give car accessories. The fact is that usually a gift is presented by a person who either does not understand cars or does not know what exactly will fit. As a result, in one of the hypermarkets at the New Year's sale they buy a thing that is completely worthless and has a terrible quality.

Step 7

Goods on sale in a hypermarket. This is also a demonstration of disrespect for the gifted, especially when a hypermarket is nearby in your area and a person, being there, constantly sees a mountain of these shampoos or shaving kits.

Step 8

Tea in a gift box is also not the best gift. Especially if the person doesn't like tea.

Step 9

Crazy Gift Baskets are another gift for the show. Very often, executives make corporate gifts that include alcoholic drinks, sweets, and some unnecessary item. All this is put into a corporate package and presented before the new year. Moreover, it is characteristic that all the sets are the same. The same applies to kits from the supermarket. Their composition is not very suitable for full use.

Step 10

Alcoholic drinks and champagne. If a person is not a connoisseur of wines, then you should not give him alcohol. It is especially important to remember this when you want to give champagne. This is another uninteresting cliche.

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