How To Meet The Morning

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How To Meet The Morning
How To Meet The Morning

Video: How To Meet The Morning

Video: How To Meet The Morning
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How a person meets his morning largely depends on how the whole day will pass later. It's one thing to wake up to the ringing of an alarm clock, get up at the last moment and, having hastily dressed, run to work without breakfast. And another thing is to make your morning your favorite time of day.

How to meet the morning
How to meet the morning


Step 1

It is believed that the daily routine of larks is the healthiest for humans, i.e. better to go to bed early and get up early. So it takes less time to sleep in general, and waking up at 6-7 am gives more vigor than later hours. It is also useful for working people who can get ready for work and enjoy the morning without any fuss or fear of being late. Therefore, in order to get enough sleep and not suffer every time the alarm rings, go to bed at the optimal time.

Step 2

When you wake up, try not to jump out of bed at the same moment, but lie for a few minutes with your eyes closed. But in order not to fall asleep again, stretch your whole body, make simple movements with your arms and legs. Remember what pleasant awaits you today.

Step 3

When you wash, drink a glass of clean water or water mixed with half a lemon and honey. Water restores cells after sleep and cleanses the body, lemon and honey invigorate and saturate with vitamins. After that, it is recommended to wait 15 minutes to half an hour before eating. Make your breakfast as healthy and nutritious as possible, but not heavy, otherwise you will feel sleepy instead of cheerfulness.

Step 4

If you have time, do a short warm-up and do at least twenty minutes of some kind of gymnastics.

It is not recommended to do too active exercises in the morning, since the body has not yet fully woken up. Yoga or stretching exercises can be very helpful at this time of day.

Step 5

Try to keep track of your thoughts and avoid negative ones. How often, when people wake up, they begin to think about how tired they are of everything, that again they could not get enough sleep and they have to go through the whole city to their unloved work. But this attitude can ruin the whole day, and the explanation for this is simple: a person turns on the perception filter and automatically highlights unpleasant moments in the environment. To understand how this mechanism works, you can give yourself the task for a minute to notice only red objects in the room (or only yellow ones, etc.). And vice versa, if a person is cheerful and positive, he notices beautiful things around him, new opportunities, interesting people.

Step 6

Take a morning walk for a breath of fresh air, which has not yet had time to fill with the smell of gasoline. If you need to go to work and it is not far from your home, walk to it. You can also download your favorite audiobooks or podcasts to your player, which inspire you to new achievements and cheer you up, or invigorating music.