How To Make Your Wedding Photos Look Great

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How To Make Your Wedding Photos Look Great
How To Make Your Wedding Photos Look Great

Video: How To Make Your Wedding Photos Look Great

Video: How To Make Your Wedding Photos Look Great
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When we get married, we all hope that it will be once and for all. So wedding photos will stay with us forever too. So how can you make sure that you will not be ashamed to show them to your children, grandchildren and friends?

How to make your wedding photos look great
How to make your wedding photos look great

Avoid looking directly into the camera

To make the pictures come out more vivid, and you do not look like frozen wax dolls in them, avoid looking directly into the camera. Look in the crowd for parents, witnesses, or close friends and give them a casual smile. Avoid posing, it is better to move smoothly and calmly. Then you will not look unnatural in the pictures.

Watch your posture

Poor posture can disfigure the figure in the picture beyond recognition. If you have a tendency to slouch, practice keeping your back in front of the mirror the day before: lift your chin higher, stand up straight and take your shoulders back. With this posture, the figure will look much better, and you will not look like a frightened, hunted mouse.

Have fun

The hardest part is to relax and indulge in fun. Any worries about minor troubles are reflected on the face, so try to forget about it. You have prepared everything, and now your main task is to get married. Concentrate on this happy event, and all sad thoughts - away!

The best time for a photo session before the registry office and banquet

As long as the hair and makeup are intact, the guests are still not drunk and everyone looks blooming and rested, it's time to shoot. So, if possible, consider taking photos before the official celebration.

Forget about self-tanning

Firstly, it is no longer fashionable. Secondly, such a tan often lays down unevenly, so you risk looking like a spotted giraffe in the photo. Thirdly, self-tanning often gives the skin an unnatural carrot tint, which, of course, does not paint anyone. And fourth, at the wedding you will move a lot, most likely you will sweat a little, which will make your skin look terribly shiny and even dirty. So forget about self-tanning for this day.

Express your emotions openly

If you want to laugh, laugh. If you want to cry, cry. If you want to dance, dance. Nothing looks better in a photo than genuine emotion and ease. Relax and have fun. Then, more likely, having received your photos, you will be very happy with how you looked. After all, you will be able to experience these same emotions over and over again by looking at photos. Be sure to take this chance.

Know when to stop in makeup

Makeup should be moderate and should emphasize your natural beauty in the first place. Forget about ribbon false eyelashes: if one of these ribbons flies off during a wedding, a disaster in mood and appearance cannot be avoided. Choose eyelash extensions. Such eyelashes, in which case, will not lose much in appearance. Also, do not use a lot of shimmer, your face will not look fresh and radiant in the photo, but it will seem like the skin with an oily sheen. Try to emphasize the eyes. Beautiful eyes are the key to beautiful photography.