How To Arrange A Wedding

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How To Arrange A Wedding
How To Arrange A Wedding

Video: How To Arrange A Wedding

Video: How To Arrange A Wedding
Video: How to plan a wedding in 10 steps (10 STEPS TO PLAN YOUR WEDDING) 2023, December

The application has been submitted to the registry office. You are the bride and groom. Ahead - pleasant chores associated with one of the most joyful and anxious events in your life, and of course, excitement: have you foreseen everything? Have you forgotten what?



Step 1

In order not to miss a single important moment in your excitement, record these moments on paper. Simply put, make a plan with key points:

- venue of the celebration: home? banqueting hall? the bosom of nature? country house? the mountains?

- the scenario of the festival;

- the number of guests, their list of names, age, categories, temperament - in the end, this must be taken into account when drawing up the script;

- the finances that you have to celebrate the wedding, the estimated costs of all stages of its holding: feast, music, flowers, rituals, etc.

Step 2

Having decided on the venue for the holiday, you will somehow solve the issue with the peculiarities of the menu: after all, in the banquet hall it will be one, but in a picnic it will be completely different.

Step 3

Take care of original invitations. Let it be poems written on postcards, or texts written on leather or wood. Or maybe you invite guests with the help of flash messages speaking in your voices!

Step 4

Loaf, wedding cake, flowers, dress and bouquet, veil and hairstyle for the bride, wedding rings for newlyweds are traditional wedding attributes, it is simply impossible to lose sight of it. And still don't miss it.

Step 5

A wedding is a celebration where many gifts are given. Or maybe give them to those who came to share your joy? If each of your guests receives a small souvenir (a comic drawing, an epigram, a postcard) as a souvenir, everyone's mood will improve even more, and the celebration will be successful as never before!

Step 6

Of course, it is better to entrust the script to an experienced presenter with a good recommendation. But in order to add spice to your holiday, we advise you to include something extraordinary in the program: photography, dressing guests in historical costumes; an oriental dance master class from a professional dancer or a fun sushi lesson from an equally professional chef.

Step 7

Well, to make the guests completely satisfied, hand each of them a helium balloon (you probably use them to decorate the place of the celebration). And now - attention: one, two, start! Let dozens of light colored balls fly into the heavens at the same time! Why not a wonderful sight?