How To Get Karaoke Points

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How To Get Karaoke Points
How To Get Karaoke Points

If you love to sing karaoke, then you will surely want to test yourself on the point program. So singing is twice more fun and exciting. Good data is not enough to get the best possible score. Use a few tricks.

How to get karaoke points
How to get karaoke points


Step 1

Sing only familiar songs. Otherwise, you won't get even 50 points. The better you know the lyrics and the melody, the more confident you will be as a performer.

Step 2

Explore the possibilities of your voice. You need to determine the range within which your voice sounds most pleasing. Understand the system settings and select the desired key. No matter how well you sing, if the accompaniment is too low or, on the contrary, high, you will not be able to pull the song.

Step 3

Find a rough repertoire. Observe which style compositions you are particularly good at. Perhaps there are some performers whose vocal abilities are similar to yours. Sing their songs.

Step 4

Take a couple of vocal lessons. On them, the teacher will explain to you how to breathe correctly, how to warm up your vocal cords before singing, how to take complex notes and what you need to do to make your voice sound better. Of course, he will not give you a voice in such a short time, but his advice will be useful to you, and you will still sing in a different way.

Step 5

Sing louder. The system is designed in such a way that points are added for the loudness of the performance. If you sing too softly, your vocal prowess will not be appreciated.

Step 6

Don't improvise. If your goal is not to make the performance original, but to get as many points as possible, stick to the option suggested by the program. Any deviation from the melody or text is perceived by the evaluating system as a mistake.

Step 7

Practice. Sing the song of your choice several times before going to the karaoke bar. You will notice that you do better each time. You can practice a specific song with a vocal teacher. He will show you how to improve difficult spots.

Step 8

Sing while standing. This will make your voice sound better. Do not pinch, straighten your shoulders. Don't cross your arms. Keep your posture free and your posture straight.

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