How To Have A Romantic Evening

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How To Have A Romantic Evening
How To Have A Romantic Evening

Video: How To Have A Romantic Evening

Video: How To Have A Romantic Evening
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Your relationship has been going on for quite some time. Friends say about them: "stable". And this word pleases you too. After all, there is nothing wrong with stability. The only thing - no, no, yes, and I want something unusual. Sometimes you feel like romance has left your relationship forever. But this is just an illusion, because romance does not appear by itself, we create it ourselves.

Create yourself a romantic mood
Create yourself a romantic mood

It is necessary

Dinner products, smart clothes, music, candles, flowers


Step 1

Start your evening away from home. Meet in some place that reminds you of the first dates spent here, first kisses. Nostalgia lends a moment of romance very well. Talk about your relationship. After all, sometimes we get so used to them for granted that we do not discuss our feelings at all.

Step 2

Prepare dinner for two. Be sure to decorate the table with an elegant tablecloth, party napkins, put candles and flowers. Choose something light for the main course, because there is also a romantic night ahead. Red caviar, vegetables, fish are perfect. Include in the menu foods containing aphrodisiacs: strawberries, bananas, spices, peanuts, shrimps, asparagus.

Step 3

Get ready for the evening yourself. Choose an outfit that your partner really likes. Indeed, on ordinary days we see each other in office clothes, and then almost immediately in pajamas. Therefore, a romantic evening is a great reason to wear an evening dress or formal suit.

Step 4

Play your favorite romantic music during dinner. The main feature of such a dinner is that you do not watch TV and your favorite TV shows. Dedicate this time to each other - tell us how your day went, think over plans for the weekend. Dance.

Step 5

After dinner, you can just watch a good movie about love. For example, "Memorial Diary" or "Valentine's Day". But you can spend your time in a more original way. Play forfeits on desires, for example. As desires, you can think of a massage, a kiss or even more intimate things, because this is just your evening.

Step 6

These games will definitely get you to bed. And the time will come for a romantic night to start. But here you don't need our advice. Remember that romantic evenings can be arranged at least every day, if you wish.

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