How To Issue An Invitation To A Holiday

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How To Issue An Invitation To A Holiday
How To Issue An Invitation To A Holiday

Video: How To Issue An Invitation To A Holiday

Video: How To Issue An Invitation To A Holiday
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An invitation to a holiday a few days before the event should create the appropriate mood. You can prepare your friends and loved ones for a party or a significant date with the help of unusual invitation designs, created by you personally.

How to issue an invitation to a holiday
How to issue an invitation to a holiday


Step 1

Prepare a "classic" invitation. Make it in the shape of a small rectangular postcard or business card. Their value will depend on the amount of text typed in a font of at least 12.

Step 2

Choose paper. To avoid fraying the invitation, use a thick material (no thinner than pastel paper). Then define the font color. Together with the tone of the paper, it should form a contrast that is easily perceived by the eye. This is usually a light background and a dark font. For example, black letters on a light green background.

Step 3

If you make a lot of invitations, type them in a text editor on your computer. Set the size to at least 12 and choose the style of the letters. Try different options, but do not overload the inscription with unnecessary visual effects - use no more than two types of style.

Step 4

Print invitations on prepared paper, cut them. Decorate each piece. As a decoration, you can use a drawing or pattern. If you have talent or at least basic skills, make a freehand drawing. Prepare a sketch in advance. To speed up the process, it can be translated using carbon paper and then manually colored. You can also decorate the invitation with stamps. Make them yourself with an eraser. Draw the outlines of the picture on it, and cut the space around with a clerical knife. Dip the stamp in paint and leave prints on each invitation. You can buy ready-made stamps with all kinds of patterns at handicraft stores.

Step 5

A fairly standard prompt can be made non-trivial with an unusual pattern. For example, instead of the first letter of the text, draw a drop cap by hand, copying it from an old book with fairy tales. Instead of the picture on the "cover", put a colored blot and paint her arms, legs, eyes to revive. Lay out the pattern with glued beads, straws, woolen threads.

Step 6

For informal celebrations where close friends gather, prepare themed invitations. For example, send out small gift boxes for your birthday, put a candy inside and a note with the start time of the holiday. In the new year, acrylic-painted cones can be attached to the notes by string. Invite to the March 8th party with origami flowers.

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