How To Spend Valentine's Day At School

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How To Spend Valentine's Day At School
How To Spend Valentine's Day At School

Video: How To Spend Valentine's Day At School

Video: How To Spend Valentine's Day At School
Video: how SINGLE high-school girls spend valentine's day... 2023, March

Despite the fact that Valentine's Day does not belong to Russian national holidays, it is actively celebrated in Russia. And schools are no exception, many of them, especially those with advanced English studies, have made this holiday a tradition.

How to spend Valentine's Day at school
How to spend Valentine's Day at school

It is necessary

  • - wall newspapers;
  • - mailboxes for valentines;
  • - postmen of love.


Step 1

First and foremost, create an atmosphere of love and celebration in the school. Announce around the school a few days before the big day that there will be an event on February 14th. To do this, draw up notices, posters and post them at the school. Get other teachers involved in the preparation. Ask them to talk about the upcoming holiday in their classrooms.

Step 2

Make small colorful brochures with the story of the holiday and distribute them around the school. On the main poster, indicate the plan of events planned for Valentine's Day. Challenge each middle and high school class to draw their own wall newspaper for the day. Then run a competition for the best one. The choice will be made by the students themselves with the help of all the same hearts. It is clear that the newspaper that collects the most hearts will win.

Step 3

Make mailboxes. Take ordinary cardboard boxes, glue them with beautiful paper, paste or draw hearts on them. Hang these "mailboxes" all over the school. This is where students will put letters and valentines to their friends.

Step 4

From the high school students, choose the "mailmen of love" who will deliver mail to classes at each break. And so that they do not confuse anything, warn the guys in advance that on the valentine card it is necessary to write not only the name of the recipient, but also the class.

Step 5

On the day of the holiday, in the morning, hang up wall newspapers drawn by students. After completing the lessons, have a school disco with a "sweet" table. On it, you can invite the guys to choose the king and queen of the evening. This can also be done by voting. Students will love this competition and will gladly take part in it.

Step 6

If you can do everything right, then the students will love this holiday. They will want to make it a school tradition and celebrate annually.

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