How To Congratulate A Girl On March 8

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How To Congratulate A Girl On March 8
How To Congratulate A Girl On March 8

Video: How To Congratulate A Girl On March 8

Video: How To Congratulate A Girl On March 8
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Choosing a gift and congratulations for a girl on March 8 is a responsible business. At the same time, take into account all the nuances of her behavior, the duration and nature of the relationship between you and, importantly, the opinion of her parents about your person.

How to congratulate a girl on March 8
How to congratulate a girl on March 8


Step 1

If you are dating for only a few days, you should not give your girlfriend expensive or extravagant gifts. High-value presents can offend her, and unexpected ones can not only surprise but also make her angry. If your relationship lasts at least a month, then be guided when choosing a gift, first of all, by her tastes and interests, which you should have already learned during this time.

Step 2

If you have already made her a marriage proposal, do not rush to "please" her with a full set of pots or even an expensive dishwasher. The girl should feel that you still treat her like a loved one, and not like a free service staff.

Step 3

To a sociable girl who loves noisy companies and decides to spend March 8 with friends in a cafe or club, congratulate when no one is around. Don't worry: your initiative will not remain out of the public eye for long. A shy and silent girl - on the contrary, only in front of witnesses. Usually, congratulations and gifts make them smile and embarrassingly, which makes them doubly beautiful.

Step 4

In addition to the gift, be sure to prepare a greeting card and a bouquet of flowers. Write congratulations in verse or prose yourself or find it on the Internet. Be original: don't copy the first text you see from the web. Try to find one that really could have something to do with your girlfriend and your relationship.

Step 5

If you are invited to a family dinner, you will have to take care of the gift and congratulations for your girlfriend's mom (as well as sister, grandmother, etc.). You should not go into debt on this matter or refuse an invitation. A few beautiful postcards and inexpensive trinkets will not ruin you, and the relatives of your beloved will be delighted with such an attentive gentleman.

Step 6

If your girlfriend told you that she does not celebrate this holiday, since she is currently fasting (and March Eighth often falls on Lent), or considers it discriminatory, do not insist on congratulations or at a meeting. Let your girlfriend take a break from you on this day. This, perhaps, will also be a good gift, since communication with young people is not always a holiday for young ladies.

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