New New Year's Salads

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New New Year's Salads
New New Year's Salads

Video: New New Year's Salads

Video: New New Year's Salads
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Each house has its own traditional recipes for New Year's salads, which are passed down from generation to generation. These dishes have become so common that they are strongly associated with the New Year's table. For example, salad "Olivier".

But this New Year is special. The coming 2014 will be held under the auspices of the blue wooden Horse. A horse is an animal that loves changes, new fresh solutions. Therefore, to celebrate the New Year, it will be useful to diversify the New Year's table with something new.

New New Year's salads 2014
New New Year's salads 2014


Step 1

New Year's salad "Potatoes with ham and celery"

This salad is perfect for lovers of simple salads. It is known that the simpler the dish, the easier it is absorbed by the body. This is especially true on New Year's Eve, when you need to stay in great shape until the morning so as not to miss anything.

1. Boil 2-3 potatoes, chop into cubes.

2. Cut 100 g stalks of fresh celery into small pieces.

3. Cut 1 onion into thin half rings, fry in sunflower oil.

4. 200 g of any ham cut into medium-sized cubes.

5. Place potatoes, celery, onion and ham in one cup. Add half a teaspoon of prepared mustard and mayonnaise. Stir lightly. Decorate with celery leaves.

The fancy salad is ready.


Step 2

Colorful new year salad

This salad will refresh any festive table with its bright summer colors.

1. Boil the chicken breast (about 600 g), divide into rather large strips.

2. Prepare the marinade for the salad:

one table. combine a spoonful of vegetable oil with the juice of half a lemon, add spices: 0.5 tsp. tablespoons of ground caraway seeds and 0.5 tsp. tablespoons of chopped marjoram, a pinch of salt, a little red pepper.

3. Mix chicken with marinade, leave for half an hour.

4. Cut red onions (2 medium onions) into half rings and fry in vegetable oil.

5. Take one red bell pepper, one yellow bell pepper and 1 avocado. Cut the pepper into strips, the avocado into cubes.

6. 50 g of fresh lettuce coarsely chop.

7. Remove the marinated chicken from the marinade, fry it separately in oil.

6. Put the fried chicken back into the marinade.

Add all other ingredients - pepper, avocado, salad, fried onions. Stir lightly.

The colorful New Year's dish is ready to eat.


Step 3

Puff salad with pink salmon

How to do on New Year's Eve without a puff salad. There are a great variety of layered salads. Let's dwell on one of the most interesting ones.

1. Pickle onions for salad.

Peel and cut 2-3 medium onions into large rings.

Prepare the marinade: add 2 tablespoons to 200 g of water. tablespoons of sugar and 0.5 table. tablespoons of salt. Bring the water to a boil, then add 2 tablespoons of 9% table vinegar to the water.

Pour marinade on the onion, cover, leave for half an hour.

2. Boil 300 g of pink salmon. Dip the fish in boiling salted water with bay leaves. Pink salmon is boiled for about 20 minutes. Remove the bones from the boiled fish and cut into pieces.

3. Boil 2-3 potatoes, cut into cubes.

3. Processed cheese rub 200 gr.

4. Cut the pitted green canned olives into rings. You will need one jar of olives. Leave some olives intact for garnish. Add 50 g of finely chopped dill and 3 tablespoons mayonnaise to the olives, mix.

5. Lay out the salad in layers on a festive dish:

the first layer will be potatoes, coat with mayonnaise on top,

the second layer is pink salmon, a little mayonnaise on top, then the third layer - pickled onions, fourth - grated cheese, the last fifth layer is a mixture of mayonnaise with olives.

Decorate with parsley leaves and whole olives.

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