New Year's Scenario For Children

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New Year's Scenario For Children
New Year's Scenario For Children

Video: New Year's Scenario For Children

Video: New Year's Scenario For Children
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Try to make the New Year's Eve turn into a real fairy tale for your little ones. Get out your Christmas toys, wadding pieces, fabric trimmings, water-based stained glass paints, and pretty wrapping paper. Plus a little imagination, and the apartment will turn into a fabulous country.

New Year's Scenario for Children
New Year's Scenario for Children

Preparing in advance

Kids will be happy to make colorful garlands, decorate the room with New Year's tinsel. And to make everything even more interesting, accompany the actions with a funny story or a poem.

Make a New Year's calendar. To do this, cut out as many lace snowflakes from white paper as there are days left before the New Year. Write numbers on them and hang them in the nursery. Every day the little one will cut off one snowflake and visualize how the long-awaited holiday is approaching.

Santa Claus is coming

Whether to call the main character of the New Year's holiday to the house is up to you. But keep in mind that a very small child can be frightened by a big uncle with a loud voice. Therefore, if your daughter or son is still very young, let Santa Claus and Snow Maiden appear in your house for the time being in the form of toys.

For two-year-old children, you can invite only the Snow Maiden to visit, who will play and hold a round dance, and give a gift to the baby. But for older children, you can already invite Santa Claus and Snegurochka together. And then your baby will believe in miracles for a long time. In any case, in order to prepare the kid for the New Year's guest, read him fairy tales about Santa Claus, show him cartoons. And prepare a gift for "grandfather" in the form of a poem, song or dance.

We receive gifts

If you invited Santa Claus to the house, then everything is clear - he brings gifts. And if not? How to give your baby a long-awaited surprise? You can beautifully pack the toy and put it under the tree or in a Christmas boot. Or it is possible, in order to further create the atmosphere of a fairy tale, to beat the appearance of a gift in the house and in a different way …

"Magic package". Keep the gift in the refrigerator or on the balcony, because Santa Claus will "bring" it! Distract the child's attention, put the gift on the doorstep, sprinkled with snow (you can take it from the windowsill), and ring the doorbell. The kid will run to open and see hotels from a kind wizard.

"A wonderful exchange." Everyone is pleased to receive gifts, including Santa Claus himself. Prepare a do-it-yourself surprise for your grandfather with the little one. Place it under the tree in a nice box. And in the morning … in the morning it will disappear from the box! But there will be a gift for the baby. Magic, and more!

"Who was here?" While the child is sleeping, put the present on the windowsill, and next to it, place a large unusual button or red embroidered mitten. You can even pour snow and draw a large footprint from a felt boot. The kid will immediately guess who came to visit him at night!

Everyone will have fun

If you have a lot of guests for the New Year, arrange a masquerade game. Prepare animal masks and Christmas tree decorations. Assign roles with the children. Place a basket of various items in front of the tree, including tree decorations. Cheerful music sounds. The presenter reads a poem, for example, by Gurina “New Year in the Forest”, the “animals” listen to him attentively and decorate the Christmas tree according to the instructions, while the others clap their hands.

New Year's concert

Little guests probably prepared a poem, an interesting dance or a New Year's song for the holiday. Invite older guests to take their seats in the "auditorium" and greet the young artists with applause.

Or you can distribute rattles prepared in advance to the children and explain the rules of the game: when the song sounds, let everyone ring loudly and amicably. But as soon as the music dies down, you need to hide the rattles behind your back. And Santa Claus will look for them, and for this he asks the children to show him first one, then the other hand. Children behind their backs carefully shift the rattles from one hand to another, as if showing that there is nothing in their hand. In this case, the rattles should not sound. Santa Claus is surprised that the rattles have disappeared. Then all actions are repeated. Fantasy, good mood and a little magic will make the New Year the most wonderful holiday for kids.

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