How To Come Up With A Script For The New Year

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How To Come Up With A Script For The New Year
How To Come Up With A Script For The New Year

Video: How To Come Up With A Script For The New Year

Video: How To Come Up With A Script For The New Year

We all quite often ask ourselves the question of how to celebrate an event so that it would be fun and interesting for everyone. I would like the holiday to leave behind many pleasant memories. The answer is very simple - the main thing is to correctly prepare the scenario of the event. And for this you need to take into account several points.

How to come up with a script for the New Year
How to come up with a script for the New Year

It is necessary

  • - paper;
  • - a pen;
  • - famous films;
  • - popular books;
  • - a book of competitions.


Step 1

Make preliminary preparations. Count the number of guests: it will be only your family members and close friends, or the party is organized for more people. If there are a lot of guests, then you need to find out what is in common between them, what topics they are interested in. How active and willing people are to participate in various competitions. It is also important to find out if there will be small children among the guests.

Step 2

At the second stage of preliminary preparation, find out where the holiday will be held, because depending on the size of the room, you will need to choose the appropriate competitions. It is important that no one is injured in a small room of an apartment when everyone tries to play active games together.

Step 3

Pay attention to the time allotted for the holiday event. It is important that all your games and contests do not end before the holiday comes to an end, and it is also not worth writing too long a script so as not to delay guests for longer than the designated time.

Step 4

In the next step, choose the main direction of the script. Will it be a themed New Year? If yes, then in what topic will it be held. Remember that the theme of the New Year should be clear and close to everyone invited. It is possible that the invitees do not have common themes, or they are not suitable for celebrating the New Year. In this case, when writing a script and competitions for it, the best will be guided by popular films and books that have been released recently, or bright social events known to everyone. It will be interesting for all guests and make them more active.

Step 5

Also, when writing a script and contests for it, do not forget that the guests will be in festive clothes, in which it is inconvenient and sometimes even dangerous to participate in some too active contests.

Step 6

After that, start writing the script. The most interesting are the scenarios with the general development of the plot, both for children and adults. As, for example, in children's New Year's celebrations. The plot of the plot - the Snow Maiden was stolen. This is followed by the development of the plot, i.e. contests that help the Snow Maiden to "save". And at the end - the denouement, when the Snow Maiden is rescued, and the children receive gifts for this. Thus, it is possible to build scenarios not only for children's parties.

Step 7

In order to get a wonderful holiday as a result, do not forget about a few "unspoken" rules. First, at the very beginning, give your guests about 30 minutes so that they have time to eat and at least get to know each other a little. Secondly, start with inactive contests, but “table” contests, which are aimed at ensuring that everyone, even people sitting far from each other at the table, get to know each other. Thirdly, when the guests have eaten, drank, got to know each other and feel more relaxed and uninhibited, you can proceed to the main, active contests and games.