What To Give A Girl For The New Year

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What To Give A Girl For The New Year
What To Give A Girl For The New Year

Video: What To Give A Girl For The New Year

Video: What To Give A Girl For The New Year

There are many different options for Christmas gifts for children. When choosing a present, it is worth considering the gender of the child, his age, individual characteristics, hobbies and interests. So, what can you give a girl for the New Year.

What to give a girl for the New Year
What to give a girl for the New Year

New Year's gift for a girl under 10 years old

A child under 1 year old does not care what exactly they give him, but his parents will be very pleased if you buy something useful. The baby can be presented with bright and interesting mobiles; bath toys; pyramids with large details that help develop fine motor skills; an educational teether toy that interacts with the baby's five senses.

It is better for a 1 year old child to present educational toys: lacing, constructors with large details. You can please both the baby and her parents by buying a warm overalls, an elegant suit for growth or a bright home set.

A girl who is 2 years old will find large mosaics and puzzles with large details, compound puzzles, soft toys, and constructors useful. In addition, you can give your child a set of dishes with original painting or with images of your favorite characters from fairy tales and cartoons.

For a 3-year-old girl, you can give some small dolls and a toy house. Tell her that this is a close-knit family living in their own house. Come up with a story about a doll family. Subsequently, the girl will herself come up with new plots, and therefore your gift will not soon bore her.

You can surprise a 4-year-old girl with sets for various role-playing games. For example, toy kitchens, plastic dishes and other accessories. Or hand her a set of teacher, doctor, salesperson. Also, girls of this age will like whiteboards for drawing with markers or with letters on magnets, a toy computer, and educational board games.

A 5-year-old lady will not be left indifferent by a set of dolls for home theater, as well as interactive toys that can talk, swim in the bathroom, drink water and much more. In addition, girls of this age like books with bright and large pictures, cartoons, songs and fairy tales on CD, as well as fancy dresses.

It is better for a 6-year-old preschooler to present a set for creativity, with the help of which she will master the technique of drawing or learn how to create toys from felt. In addition, you can give the young princess a real model - a large doll with long hair, to which the girl will make beautiful hairstyles and decorate them with beads and hairpins. Also, do not forget about educational and training books, interesting workbooks.

A 7-year-old first grader will like it and will be very useful: a set of felt-tip pens, bright colors, sketchbooks, books with voluminous illustrations or colorful encyclopedias. A nice gift for the girl will be a new tracksuit, skates, ice skates, mini-skis, sledges or other winter ammunition. An even more pleasant gift will be a dessert factory. She looks just like a toy, but she knows how to make real ice cream, popsicles or cocktails from natural products and without adding preservatives.

An 8-year-old girl has less and less time to play, because she is almost an adult! Therefore, you can safely give quality, stylish and practical things that can last a long time. Among them are elegant boxes, jewelry, photo albums, a set of gloves, a hats and a scarf, a handbag or an ergonomic water bottle that you can take with you to school.

A 9-year-old schoolgirl will need interesting books, a table mirror, and sports equipment. But it is better to ask the girl's mother in advance which gift the child will definitely like.

New Year's gift for a girl 10 years old and older

A girl aged 10 and older is already a young lady. She will be pleased to receive a cosmetic bag, a bright wallet, perfume, a wristwatch, a stylish flash drive, a handbag and much more as a New Year's gift.

And girls at this age also like various interesting games for a fun company: mobile or board games, not devoid of a competitive moment.

Today the assortment of toys, accessories, clothes, jewelry, books and other things is so wide that it is able to satisfy any request. If you don’t have time to go shopping, it’s not a problem, since all gifts can be easily purchased online.

Even if your budget is limited, you can find a way out of the situation and make a New Year's gift for the girl with your own hands. This can be, for example, an elegant knitted dress, a stylish beaded jewelry or an original mobile phone case.