How To Choose A Wedding Dress By Body Type

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How To Choose A Wedding Dress By Body Type
How To Choose A Wedding Dress By Body Type

Video: How To Choose A Wedding Dress By Body Type

Video: How To Choose A Wedding Dress By Body Type
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Choosing a wedding dress is an important task when preparing for a celebration. At the wedding, the eyes of the guests will be riveted on the newlyweds, so the bride should look just perfect.

How to choose a wedding dress by body type
How to choose a wedding dress by body type

The main criteria for the selection of a wedding dress

In modern wedding salons, outfits for every taste are presented: from lush classic dresses with a corset and a long train to bold short models in bright colors.

But it is worth remembering that when choosing a wedding dress, you should adhere to a number of criteria. The dress should correspond to fashion trends or be an example of elegant classics. Outdated models from last year's collections will look ridiculous and cheap.

The outfit should emphasize the dignity of the bride, fit her type and the general style of the holiday.

However, even the most luxurious dress will not make a princess out of a girl if it does not fit her figure.

Dress selection by body type

The type of figure "apple" is distinguished by its curvaceous shape and the presence of a belly. The owners of such a figure have a poorly defined waist, narrow hips, but rather slender legs. The main task for the bride is to visually stretch the image, so dresses in the Greek style with bare shoulders are suitable for them, and the freely falling fabric will hide the tummy.

If a woman's figure looks like an inverted triangle, choose a wedding outfit that won't draw attention to the shoulder girdle. The original skirt will help to hide the problematic part of the figure. It should be the highlight of the wedding dress. Let the skirt flow in free waves, and the bottom of the dress is decorated with an elegant drapery.

The owners of a pear-shaped figure often have narrow shoulders, small breasts, but lush feminine hips. It is better for such girls to opt for a fitted wedding dress with a V-neck and flowers on a corset. The skirt should not be too fluffy, so as not to emphasize too much on the rounded hips. And to emphasize the thin waist, gold or silver embroidery on the bodice of the dress will help.

Distinctive features of the "rectangle" figure are shoulders and hips of the same width, a weakly marked waist and a small chest.

Here the main task is to make the bride's figure more feminine. Straight dresses are ideal, as well as lush models with decorative details on the corset.

If the curves of a female figure are visually similar to an hourglass, all its advantages should be noted. The corset will favorably emphasize the natural features of the bride's figure. In this case, the wedding dress should be moderately tight with a neckline, which will favorably mark the beautiful breasts.

Universal dress

Empire style wedding dresses are almost universal and will decorate any figure.

They will be distinguished by a high waist, a wide belt under the bust, as well as the presence of jewelry (rhinestones, lace, flowers). These models have a light and flowing bottom and a feminine cut. There are no lush ruches on such a dress, although delicate, graceful embroidery is allowed on its bodice.

"Empire" will help to hide all excess splendor of forms and hide the tummy.

Such models are also well suited for tall brides, they successfully emphasize the silhouette and make the girl a "fabulous nymph".

They are easy and comfortable to wear, as they are free and do not hinder movement. Greek wedding dresses (Empire style) are graceful, comfortable and feminine dresses made of light flowing fabrics. They are made mainly of chiffon with guipure inserts or silk.

Empire style wedding dresses are summer models with open shoulders. In asymmetrical styles, one shoulder can be exposed, while the other is covered with a piece of lightweight fabric.