How To Spend May Holidays With A Girl

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How To Spend May Holidays With A Girl
How To Spend May Holidays With A Girl

Video: How To Spend May Holidays With A Girl

Video: How To Spend May Holidays With A Girl
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If you want to relax and be with your beloved girl, then the May holidays are exactly what you need. Organize your leisure time together so that it will be remembered by you as one wonderful moment, as a fairy tale that has come true in real life. Show your girlfriend beautiful places, take care of her, once again confess your love to her in some unusual way … There can be many options for rest, and you need to think over them now.

How to spend May holidays with a girl
How to spend May holidays with a girl


Step 1

There is practically no such girl who would not want to go with her beloved on any trip, if she is given the opportunity. Therefore, if you are not experiencing financial difficulties, try purchasing an interesting tour abroad for the May holidays. Where exactly depends on your desire and preferences.

Step 2

If you miss the warmth and sun, want to lie on the sand, sunbathe and swim in the sea, go to Egypt, Turkey or the United Arab Emirates.

Step 3

You can go to one of the old Western European cities, which are famous for their architectural monuments, for example, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Rome, Athens, etc. Wander the streets of the city, go to a cozy cafe, ride a tram, rise above the city on the Ferris wheel … In each of these beautiful cities you can find something interesting for yourself. Of course, it is crowded here due to the large number of tourists from all over the world. And if you don't like it, it is not difficult to choose something quieter, for example, small, but very beautiful and interesting cities in Germany, France or Great Britain.

Step 4

If your girlfriend loves nature, she will surely enjoy a trip to Holland, where tulips, lilies, azaleas and hyacinths are blooming at this time. Walking through whole fields of flowers, through magnificent parks immersed in greenery, will bring you an unforgettable experience. By the way, in the near abroad - in the Ukrainian Transcarpathia - you can also see stunning landscapes. There is the largest daffodil reserve in Europe. The beginning of May is the period of their flowering, and you can go to admire the beauty of the mountain valleys, enjoy the unusually delicate aroma of these flowers.

Step 5

By no means worse will you spend your time in your homeland. For example, in St. Petersburg. A walk along Nevsky Prospect, a visit to the Winter Palace, the Admiralty and the Hermitage, a night boat tour along the city's canals is an excellent option for a weekend getaway. If you love history and would like to devote time to the cultural program, take a guided tour of the world famous Golden Ring, along the Volga, along the small old towns of Russia.

Step 6

It's a good idea to take a break during the May holidays from the eternal bustle of the city and civilization (if this, of course, attracts your girlfriend). Rent a house in the village. Go to the forest, fish. Or take a telescope with you and gaze at the stars, because the sky looks extraordinarily beautiful away from major cities.

Step 7

Do you want something unusual, extreme? You can choose any element to your liking. Take a girl to the sky in a hot air balloon, walk along a mountain river on a catamaran, go to the mountains with climbing equipment, or go to the place where you can admire the underwater world. The most important thing is that your soulmate shares your hobbies. However, most often the girl does not care where to spend her free time. If only her beloved was there …