How To Arrange A Bride Ransom

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How To Arrange A Bride Ransom
How To Arrange A Bride Ransom

Video: How To Arrange A Bride Ransom

Video: How To Arrange A Bride Ransom
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For a long time, the ransom of the bride has been an integral part of every wedding. It's a fun tradition with young people taking part, with the groom playing the main role. The groom comes to fetch the bride, but first he needs to endure many tests and interesting tasks. The ransom is always very noisy and fun, and the main burden of preparing it falls on the fragile shoulders of the witness and bridesmaids. The mood of the whole event will depend on how they prepare for the ransom.

How to arrange a bride ransom
How to arrange a bride ransom


an interesting script, contests, helpers and good mood


Step 1

Remember that buying the bride is an opportunity for the groom to show his eloquence, intelligence and how much the young man loves his betrothed.

Step 2

In order for your ransom to be fun and interesting, you need to be well prepared for it. Take this matter seriously. Take the time and do your best to make it feel easy and effortless.

Step 3

First, think over the scenario and select the necessary contests. It is not necessary to use the standard buyout script that is used in many weddings. Come up with it yourself, focusing on the interests and hobbies of the guests. Do something unusual that everyone will remember for a long time.

Step 4

When choosing a pageant, be sure to think about the groom. Imagine how he will feel and look when doing them. Be merciful as you go through an insidious ransom plan. Do not include contests using water, flour, or other bulk products. After them, the groom can get dirty and remain dirty.

Step 5

Discuss the prepared contests with the groom in advance so that he can pass all the tests with dignity. Help him get everything ready for the ransom.

Step 6

Be sure to time it out. Don't delay the ransom. The optimal time for the ransom is not more than thirty minutes. Otherwise, it will become tiresome not only for guests, but also for the young. Keep an eye on the clock so as not to be late for registration.

Step 7

Ask a witness and friends to help you prepare and decorate the scene. In advance, hang posters with funny pictures and comic texts on the walls of the house, entrance and doors to the apartment. They shouldn't just decorate the walls. Try to use them in every possible way in your contests.

Step 8

Start the ransom from the yard and gradually, as you complete the tasks, let the groom approach the room where the bride is. Do not forget that he can pay off not only with money, but also with songs, dances, a funny joke, as well as various sweets and even wine.