Short Veil: Pros And Cons

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Short Veil: Pros And Cons
Short Veil: Pros And Cons

Video: Short Veil: Pros And Cons

Video: Short Veil: Pros And Cons
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The tradition of covering the bride's head with a veil goes back to ancient times. In the modern interpretation, the veil began to be used only in the 18th century. Nowadays, it is difficult to find a bride who would be at a wedding without this accessory.

Short veil
Short veil

A cropped veil is a cape that extends to the shoulders. This is a versatile and fairly comfortable option. It is advisable to choose a model that would be in harmony with your appearance at the wedding. The advantage of a short veil is the optimal length.

It will fit almost any dress. The disadvantage of a veil is that it can look bad with your face type, and you will not look too attractive. Therefore, the choice is yours.

Disadvantages of a short veil:

- such a veil will look bad on tall girls;

- it is ugly combined with long dresses, it is advisable to choose more creative and non-standard models;

- a short veil is often characterized by minimalism, which is not to everyone's taste;

- a veil is traditionally not used for weddings in a temple or church, this factor should be taken into account.

The advantages of a short veil:

- it does not hinder movements and does not interfere with walking;

- a cropped veil makes the image perky and gives elegance to its owner;

- the short veil is easy to fix on the hairdo;

- such a thing does not hide the beauty of a wedding dress.

Current models

The veil can be multi-tiered, it can fall into the neckline. You can choose a spider veil for yourself, which will not hide the wedding corset. If you want to impress the guests at the wedding with your beauty, choose a veil-mantilla that will be in harmony with any outfit. You can also choose a veil made of fine lace and trimmed with beautiful braid. This veil will make your look truly magical and unforgettable.

The short model is ideal for those who are used to leading an active lifestyle. It does not interfere with movement and is comfortable enough to wear. This factor can also be attributed to the pluses. Do not forget that a short veil looks attractive on slender girls, if your figure is far from ideal, it is better to choose a long veil. You will look harmonious in it.

Colored models

Since modern fashion does not have a lot of stereotypes, you can use a red or blue veil. So you will give your appearance more mystery and brightness, which is very necessary for many brides. It can be made of mesh material as well as lace. The most important rule is that a short veil should be decorated to a minimum.