How Not To Drink In A Company

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How Not To Drink In A Company
How Not To Drink In A Company

Video: How Not To Drink In A Company

Video: How Not To Drink In A Company
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You were invited to another party and, of course, you agreed. Chatting with friends is great, but such gatherings rarely go without copious alcoholic libations. In order not to drink in the company, you will have to find compelling arguments - both for friends and for yourself.

How not to drink in a company
How not to drink in a company


Step 1

If you find it difficult to resist not drinking an extra cocktail or glass of wine, choose the right seat at the table. Do not sit next to a warm company of friends - in their company it will be difficult for you to control yourself. It is better if not very familiar people become your table neighbors. Ideal companions are children, pregnant women and their own bosses.

Step 2

Move the bottles away from you. In order not to get bored, place a jug of fruit drink or other non-alcoholic drink next to the plate. Eat fruits - they help you take your mind off alcohol. Avoid foods associated with drinking. If you are used to accompanying pickles with a shot of vodka and cheese with red wine, choose more neutral snacks, such as cold cuts or salad.

Step 3

Chat with your neighbors at the table. This will distract you from your thoughts of alcohol and allow you to have a fun evening. Tell jokes, joke, you can even sing. If dancing or games are planned, do not refuse to participate.

Step 4

You are not planning to drink, but you are afraid that your friends will not understand you? Prepare an explanation in advance. The easiest way is to come to the party in your own car and offer to take everyone home. This is usually enough not to be bothered with toast.

Step 5

If that doesn't work for you, try another explanation. Do not refer to the disease - this can cause suspicion and all kinds of guesses about the diagnosis. Try a more subtle hike. Vaguely hint at the categorical prohibition of alcohol by a master in Ayurveda, acupuncture or yoga. Hint that the course is so expensive that you simply cannot afford to interrupt the program. Most of those present will not understand you and will simply leave you alone.

Step 6

Do you want to demonstrate your own brutality? Then just say that after yesterday you can't even think about drinking. Even inveterate alcoholics will treat with understanding a person who finds themselves in such a situation. And your friends will be all the more involved and will not insist on immediate drinking of the next portion of alcohol. What you actually need.

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