How To Choose A Tour To Egypt

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How To Choose A Tour To Egypt
How To Choose A Tour To Egypt

Video: How To Choose A Tour To Egypt

Video: How To Choose A Tour To Egypt
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Traveling to Egypt is relatively inexpensive. At the same time, you are provided with a decent service in hotels, high-quality food, interesting excursions and a lot of entertainment, including diving, windsurfing, etc. When choosing a tour, be guided by your capabilities and desires, entrusting travel arrangements to experienced specialists.

How to choose a tour to Egypt
How to choose a tour to Egypt

It is necessary

  • - the Internet;
  • - international passport;
  • - money.


Step 1

Choose a tour based on your desires. You can choose either a beach vacation, or a tour that is more focused on excursions and travel to ancient historical monuments, or an active vacation. Tour operators offer a huge number of travel options to various resorts in Egypt.

Step 2

If you prefer a beach holiday with your family and children, then opt for the resort of Hurghada. Most of the beaches here are sandy with long shoals near the coast, which is very convenient for families with small children.

Step 3

Visit Sharm El Sheikh Resort if you love the nightlife. Its hotels are designed in a traditional colorful Arabic style. This resort has many picturesque coves and bays with beautiful sandy and coral beaches.

Step 4

Visit El Gunnu, a fairytale town unlike any other Egyptian resorts. Along with secluded beaches and cozy hotels, you will be mesmerized by desert safaris and an extraordinary underwater world with sunken ships. You will not be left indifferent by entertainment programs for the whole family and a rich nightlife. El Gunnu is also called "Venice on the Red Sea". Picturesque bungalows are located on islands connected by picturesque bridges and passages. For the convenience of guests, small boats move along the canals, which give the city an even greater resemblance to Venice. The prices for this resort are slightly higher.

Step 5

Choose Nuweibu resort if you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of megacities, relax and enjoy the beauty of the "Japanese" gardens of the underwater world. There are first-class hotels located at a considerable distance from each other, luxurious beaches and gentle sea. There are no nightclubs, discos and casinos in Nuweiba.

Step 6

Opt for Dahab for windsurfing. Thanks to the unique wind rose, this resort is the ideal destination for him. Dahab is famous for its fish restaurants and low prices.

Step 7

You can plan your trip in advance, or you can buy a hot tour. Reservation of youth holidays is the most in demand and goes on non-stop. Many people prefer to book a trip in advance, which allows them to take advantage of discounts. This is how you can plan your family trip, individual tours, honeymoon trips, etc.

Step 8

If you are ready to put off your business for two days and enjoy your vacation in Egypt, then the offered last minute tours are at your service. You will not only relax by choosing the option you like, but you will also save almost half your money! Such a discount usually means availability at hotels, as well as the end of the peak season.

Step 9

It should be noted that the cost of recreation directly depends on the season. For example, the price for a tour in March is significantly lower than for the same travel option in December, especially in the New Year. In spring, sightseeing trips are more popular. Their cost is even lower, and the weather is more conducive to educational visits to the treasures of history.

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