How To Spend An Alumni Meeting Day

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How To Spend An Alumni Meeting Day
How To Spend An Alumni Meeting Day

Video: How To Spend An Alumni Meeting Day

Video: How To Spend An Alumni Meeting Day
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You can organize a meeting of alumni on your own, you just need to resolve some organizational issues. Your friends will fondly remember the party for a long time if everything turns out as you plan. Classmates often remember their school friends, want to see them, but not everyone is able to take over the organization of the meeting.

How to spend an alumni meeting day
How to spend an alumni meeting day


Step 1

Think about the style of your meeting, what exactly do you expect from it. This can be simple gatherings in a cafe or in your home, a party at school or in another educational institution that you graduated from. You can invite not only classmates or fellow students, but also teachers and alumni of other groups.

Step 2

Now try to find all the people you need. Call those with whom you have not lost contact, try to find out the phones of other graduates from them. Take advantage of various social networks. As a last resort, advertise a meeting or ask someone to help you connect with alumni. Also, do not neglect your city's word of mouth.

Step 3

You should have several months at your disposal to settle and resolve all organizational issues. Think of all possible and interesting topics of conversation. A themed party is a good idea. Show your imagination, remember the significant events that took place in the year of release. Pick up the music of those years and clothes in that style, refresh your memory with the help of photos. Warn the meeting participants about the topic of the evening, such as "nostalgia". Try to reproduce the spirit of that time as accurately as possible with makeup, hair, clothes and performers.

Step 4

Find the right cafe or decorate your apartment in the style you want. Prepare video presentation and films (optional), find old albums with shared photos. If you have the opportunity, arrange a pleasant surprise - invite a professional DJ or a local celebrity to your party. You can ask one of the graduates to speak.

Step 5

Go to a karaoke bar, arrange thematic contests, just do not forget that the main purpose of the meeting is communication. Try to evoke only positive emotions and memories with your party.

Step 6

Buy gifts for all those invited, these can be flowers or small souvenirs. Think about the financial costs, you can arrange a meeting on your own or divide the costs among all the invitees, in which case you need to warn them about this.

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