Economical New Year Gifts

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Economical New Year Gifts
Economical New Year Gifts

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Video: Economical New Year Gifts
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On the eve of the New Year, many people think about what to give to loved ones. It is necessary to come up with such gifts so that they are pleasant and useful to the recipient, but at the same time they do not "beat" the cost. The present must be chosen with love, as for yourself. Such a gift will bring the owner happiness, joy and pleasant memories for the whole year.

Economical New Yearts
Economical New Yearts


Step 1

Parents are the closest people. Therefore, the gift for them should be special. Older parents will love a calendar gift with pictures of you or your kids. It is also interesting to play with photographs of their youth. Such a gift is especially relevant for those who live far from each other and rarely see each other.

A warm blanket or scarf will also remind you on cold winter evenings. To such a gift, you can add high-quality tea with special, festive smells of cinnamon, vanilla or cloves. Mom can be presented with a beautiful and convenient book for her recipes, of course, if she loves to cook.

Step 2

You always know what to give to your children. They never hide or hesitate to ask for what they want. Ask your children to write a letter for Santa Claus. You can send it to the addressee, or you can open, read and present the gift yourself. But do not forget that the gift from the letter is not from you. In this case, make sure that the child receives a small present from the parents.

For small children who still cannot write a letter, prepare a gift for age. It can be a rocking horse, a tolokar car, educational games, large puzzles, books with hard pages, soft toys. Children will also be delighted with sweet presentations. And if the candies are packed in an interesting box, then the packaging itself will become a gift for them.

For children of friends, you can buy felt-tip pens, coloring books, music books.

For older children, consider gift options such as computer mice, flash cards, external hard drives, and e-books.

Step 3

A loved one, be it a husband or just a young man, needs to think carefully about the gift. Perhaps it will be pleasant for him to spend time alone. This is especially true if you have children. You can invite your husband to a restaurant or entertainment establishments, you can offer to ride a winter sled with horses, go to a theme party.

You can add something tangible to such a gift. Think about what he wanted lately, get something for his hobby. It will be unexpected if he finds his present in the morning under the tree, along with the rest of the gifts. After all, men are such children at heart.

Step 4

For family aunts, daughters-in-law and other close relatives, you can pick up useful gifts. It can be kitchen potholders, interesting baking dishes, beautiful glasses, towels with the symbol of the coming year, handmade soap. For people who have their own hobbies, you can present accessories for creativity. If your daughter-in-law or sister is fond of flowers, then a flower in a pot will be a good gift. Just make sure that it does not freeze during transportation.

Step 5

You can surprise your friends with a wide variety of gifts. Give her something funny, unforgettable, unusual. It can be beautiful lingerie, a photo frame with an interesting photo for you two, a genuine leather wallet to match her bag, knitted socks or a sweater with deer. Also a good gift would be a certificate to a beauty salon or fitness club. It's best if you keep her company in this. After all, friends always have something to talk about.

Step 6

At work, do not forget about your colleagues as well. Prepare small presents for them. These can be funny pens or notebooks, sweet gifts or a bottle of champagne, high quality tea or coffee.

Step 7

Often after the New Year, families get together with friends or acquaintances. It happens that even those who were not expected by the owners come to visit. It is very embarrassing if they give you something nice and you are not prepared for it. To prevent such cases from arising, prepare small gifts just in case. These can be fridge magnets with useful functions (thermometer, notebook, "reminder"), scented candles, small photo frames, or other nice little things.

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